Final Consideration

If the new student organization is approved by the ICC, the organization application and constitution/by-laws will be sent to the Dean of Students for final consideration. If the Dean determines that the ICC correctly applied the approval criteria, the student organization will receive Final Approval.

If the Dean determines that the ICC incorrectly approved the student organization, the Dean may deny recognition. The decision of the Dean will reflect consultation with senior University administrators and will be final.

A student organization that fails to achieve Final Approval may not re-apply until the following Fall semester.

Once a new organization is approved, the policies, procedures, and requirements outlined for all campus organizations must be observed by the new organization in order to maintain an active status.

Expectations for New Student Organizations

Once a new student organization is approved, the organization is expected to meet the requirements outlined in the section titled ORGANIZATION ANNUAL REQUIREMENTS during the remainder of the school year. New organizations who achieve Tier 1 requirements will be able to apply for funds for the following school year during the spring semester along with existing organizations.