Requirements for Effective Management


Each organization must appoint a leadership team to oversee the business and mission of the organization. This team must include traditional leadership roles such as President, Vice President & Treasurer, but it may also include roles such as but not limited to Social Media/Marketing Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, Event Planner etc. Elect officers to lead your organization based on your constitution. Review the officer responsibilities listed in the section titled, ORGANIZATIONAL CONSTITUTION for some suggested duties of each officer.

Monthly Executive Board Meetings are required. Organization leadership should determine regular monthly meeting times to discuss any organization’s business such as planning and executing yearly goals, upcoming events, service projects, fundraisers, trips, etc. that align with your organization’s mission and purpose. Meeting notes are to be recorded in Presence.

Social Media Guidelines: Chartering clubs and organizations may not create any social media pages until final approval has been granted by the Dean of Students. Once your organization has been granted approval from the Dean of Students your social media accounts must follow the guidelines outlined in the Gardner-Webb Social Media Guidelines.