Organization funding comes from a portion of the student activity fee paid by each undergraduate student in the “Traditional Day Program.” Therefore, the money allocated to your organization belongs to all undergraduate students and therefore should benefit all students as much as possible. Officially recognized organizations may request funds from the SGA Funding Committee each spring semester. Organization advisors will receive information on this process each January including a funding request form deadline. Funding requests are reviewed individually by the SGA Funding Committee with oversight by CPPD staff. Once funding is determined, each organization’s advisor will receive an email explaining their funding for the upcoming year. Allocations are deposited into organization spending accounts after July 1 each year.

Consideration for annual funding allocations will be based on:

  • Meeting the Social, Spirit, Service exception.
  • Value added to the overall student experience at the University
  • Service to the University Community.
  • Overlap with other existing student organizations
  • How the previous year’s funding was used?
  • The number of active members.
  • Participation in fall & spring club fairs.
  • Fundraising efforts.
  • Overall number of organizations requesting allocations.
  • Whether and to what extent the organization remains in compliance with criteria 2-11 under “Process for Approval by the SGA Student Senate” as set forth above.
  • Adherence to the guidelines for organization spending (see below.)


Organizations are encouraged to raise funds to supplement their annual funding allocations to help pay for events such as conferences, travel expenses etc. A Fundraising Proposal Form must be submitted online and approved by CPPD staff at least two weeks before any fundraiser may be held. Confirmation of approval will be sent via email to the organization advisor along with any specific guidance on holding the particular event.