Study Abroad FAQs

You've got questions, we've got answers!

There are many things to consider before studying abroad! What does it cost? Is it safe? What are the benefits? We can help answer all these questions and more.

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  • Global engagement is an excellent addition to any academic program, regardless of your major, as it is a unique opportunity to learn about the world and broaden your horizons while continuing your academic education.
  • Gardner-Webb Study Abroad programs give you the chance to look at life from a different perspective, to learn more about the idiosyncrasies of cultures and the world’s people. You’ll be surprised how much you learn about yourself, too.
  • This is a valuable experience that will enhance your resume. Many employers are looking for individuals who have practical experience living in a different culture. Your experiences on a program will affirm employers that you are an independent and resourceful risk-taker who is able to deal with the stresses of uncertainty and unexpected challenges.

Absolutely! First-year students are eligible to participate in Summer Term programs after their first year.

The best time to go is whenever you can! There are always several factors to consider, such as your major/minor, graduation requirements, availability, and so on. There are numerous opportunities from short-term, summer, and semester-long. We usually recommend your junior year.

However, early planning is key in helping you decide when a Study Abroad program best fits into your four-year graduation plan.

We would suggest that you start the application process in your freshman year. Study abroad applications can he found here. 

Students should meet with their advisor preferably freshman year but no later than 18 months prior to the semester abroad to ascertain the feasibility of international study.

After meeting with their advisor, students need to schedule a meeting with the Director of International Programs (Dr. Bernhard Martin) to discuss overseas site, cost, timeliness, application process, and other procedures.

Students then must meet with Financial Aid to determine the amount of available financial assistance.

Please visit the U.S. State Department website for detailed instructions and to search for passport application facilities and photo services.

There is a passport office in Shelby for passport services and passport photos. Businesses that have in-store photo processing may also have passport photo services.

Note: The cost and number of pictures that you receive may vary by store.

For information on all the currently available programs listed by location, visit study abroad page. Once you have reviewed the program information, we recommend you meet with the Director of International Programs, Dr. Bernhard Martin.

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.

Most of our study abroad opportunities do not require a specific level of a foreign language. You can start learning a foreign language from scratch in the country of origin! If you want to experience another culture and focus more on your major fields of study, you should opt for one of our partner schools who offer their courses in English.

Living arrangements vary by program and location. For semester programs, you’ll live in a dorm room or an apartment on campus. Summer programs and programs with a focus on language studies might also give you the option to stay with a host family.

Sometimes, but not always. For some programs, you may not register until you get there. Regardless of whether you can officially pre-register, you must discuss the courses you want to take while abroad with your major advisor.  Unless course equivalency is approved by your academic department, classes taken during the semester abroad will transfer to Gardner-Webb as elective credit.

For all Gardner-Webb study abroad programs (programs listed on the website), courses and credits will be transferred from abroad. If you have a passing grade, you will receive credit for the courses you took while abroad. Grades will not transfer.