PA students

Physician Assistant Tuition and Fees

Department of Physician Assistant Studies

Required to Apply

Expense Required to ApplyAmount
Supplemental Application$100
Altus Suite$52

*The Gardner-Webb University Physician Assistant Program utilizes CASPA for all applications. Information regarding the CASPA application cost can be found online.

In addition, the Gardner-Webb University Physician Assistant Program requires a supplemental application. Instructions for completing the supplemental application and submitting the non-refundable $100 supplemental application fee will be sent to applicants via email once their CASPA application becomes visible to PA Admissions.

Required to Matriculate

Expense Required to MatriculateAmount
Acceptance Deposit (non-refundable)* $1,500
Background check
Drug screen
Training:  HIPAA, OSHA, BBP
Immunization or immunity verify $20
Basic Cardiac Life Support $80
Medical Equipment $850
Computer Technology (laptop/tablet) $2,000

*For seats offered a seat, the candidates must pay the $1,500 non-refundable deposit within one week of notification of acceptance to hold their seat. This money will be applied toward first-semester tuition costs. Accepted candidates who do not pay the $1,500 deposit within the required time frame forfeit their seats.

Tuition & Fees

The standard graduate tuition DOES NOT apply to students who matriculate into the GWU Physician Assistant Studies Program. The following table outlines the expected tuition and fees associated with attending the Gardner-Webb University Physician Assistant Program. 

Physician Assistant Tuition – 2022 Cohort (per semester)$12,978
Physician Assistant Tuition – 2023 Cohort (per semester)$13,356
Physician Assistant Tuition – 2024 Cohort (per semester)$14,158
Physician Assistant Tuition – 2025 Cohort (per semester)$14,580
PA Program Fees
$900/semester (All Cohorts 2022)
PA Program Fees
$1075/semester (effective 2023) 
Digital Learning Fee
($75 x 7 semesters)
Graduate Parking Sticker ($50/year) $100
Background Check & Fingerprint Reorder (clinical year) $73
Drug Reorder (clinical year) $40
OSHA/HIPAA/BBP reorder (clinical year) $30

Program Required Expenses

The table below includes estimates of additional expenses incurred by the students.

Textbooks* $1,735
NCAPA (once for 28 months) $10
AAPA (once for 28 months) $75
Scrubs & Lab Coats $160
Graduation Expenses (application fee and regalia) $225
*If eBooks are used, textbook fee is ~$300

Other Expenses

This table estimates living and travel related expenses incurred by the student.

Other Expenses (estimates)Didactic (4 semesters)Clinical (3 semesters)
Rent and Utilities ($965/month)$16,405$11,580
Meals ($20/day)$9,540$7,140
Travel expenses – didactic ($200/month)$3,400$ –  
Travel expenses* – clinical ($460/month)$ –  $4,130
Clinical year site lodging/housing ($600/month)$ –  $5,400
Clinical year onboarding expenses ($240/month)$ –  $2,150
Annual health insurance (estimate $452/month)$7,684$5,454
Personal Protective Equipment – PPE ($123/semester)$ – $369