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Dr. Sydney K. Brown, Ph.D.

Sydney Brown

Dean of Gayle Bolt Price School of Graduate Studies and Professor in the College of Education

Sydney Brown, Ph.D., Jennifer Putnam, Ed.D., and Holly Mabry, MLIS are co-authors of “Room to IMPROVE: Designing Virtual Professional Learning Environment,” (pp 122-137 in Prince Bull and Sagini Keengwe’s, Handbook of Research on Innovative Digital Practices to Engage Learners, IGI Global, 2019.

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February 2019

Dr. Brown co-authored the article, “Virtual Orientation of Volunteer Short-Term International Health Teams to Increase Self-Confidence and Cultural Competence” in  The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 50 (1), 35-40 with Dr. Chris Herring of the University of Arizona-Tucson, Dr. Brett Morgan, Dr. Julie Thompson, Dr. Jane Blood-Siegfried of Duke University and Anna Kullmar, Graduate Assistant in the Center for Personal and Professional Development at Gardner-Webb University.  The article focuses on the use of virtual preservice orientation modules to improve confidence and cultural/global health competence for individuals participating in an overseas medical mission.  Dr. Brown contributed expertise in effective online course design to support the project’s completion.  After helping co-author the project website and the resulting journal article, Dr. Brown was able to experience the impact of the site as a user by utilizing the content before serving on the team’s annual mission trip to Barahona, Dominican Republic on January 18-26, 2019.

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