Student Life Cycle Calendar

Here is a monthly breakdown of what your student may experience during an academic year at Gardner-Webb University.


  • Adjustment and transition for new and returning students: presents in the form of homesickness, experience of new freedoms, having a roommate, and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Academically adjusting to new schedule, new professors, and time management.
  • Fall sports begin immediately for student-athletes.


  • Academically, drop/add is over, therefore, student’s schedule is permanent. Plus, students are beginning to have tests and see their first round of test grades.
  • Academic Advising collects first academic reports known as “Early Warning.”
  • Socially, students could still be experiencing homesickness, roommate concerns, missing friends, and challenged to balance school work & personal life.


  • Midterm grades are posted in WebbConnect.
  • Academic Advising begins for the spring semester. This allows students to review degree evaluations, academic progress, and career goals. Plus, register for spring classes.
  • FAFSA opens on October 1.
  • Review GWU bill.
  • Seniors are reviewing their degree evaluation and applying for graduation.
  • Winter athletic sports begin to practice and compete.


  • Academically, last day to withdraw with a WP/WF.
  • Academically, students begin to realize end of the semester is near, therefore, could begin to panic regarding grades and impending finals.
  • For student-athletes, progress report is completed by professors.
  • Most students are looking forward to the Thanksgiving break.
  • For some seniors, they begin to realize they are about to graduate and do not have a clear career path.
  • More students tend to seek on-campus counseling services.


  • Academically, students are completing finals and preparing for the new semester.
  • Academically, final grades are posted. This is reason to celebrate for some students and creates anxiety for other students. Students could either be accepted or denied into certain academic programs.
  • Financially, some students are notified about losing financial aid because of academic performance.
  • Seniors complete exit counseling through the Registrar’s Office.
  • FELS Applications for financial aid open for nurses, physician assistants, and special areas of education majors.
  • Students returning home for the semester break may have to negotiate new boundaries with family and friends.


  • Students return to campus and could experience homesickness again.
  • Freshmen no longer have UNV 111 class, so are receiving less guidance and possibly less connection.
  • Spring sports practice and competition begins.


  • Students are into the run of the semester, therefore, could be fighting winter colds, lacking motivation for class work, or having relationship challenges.


  • Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to declare a major. When students declare a major, they are moved to an advisor within the academic department.
  • Students can begin to register for fall semester classes.
  • Student look forward to spring break. Several students will take advantage of spring break options offered through GWU such as: mission trips, Disney Leadership trip, and international trips.


  • Parent Plus Loan application opens for upcoming academic aid year.
  • All students are catching up on course work and trying to finish the semester academically strong.
  • Usually students have a few days off for Easter break.
  • End of the year banquets, meetings, and events begin.


  • Students complete finals.
  • Students pack up and head home for the summer. Students tend to experience mixed emotions as they leave.
  • Seniors complete exit counseling through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Several students may not graduate or may not progress in their desired academic program such as nursing.


  • Many students will participate in internships or seek employment to help meet academic requirements or gain additional income.
  • Students adjust to life back home.
  • Several student-athletes will arrive on-campus for summer session II.


  • Students need to accept financial aid awards.
  • Students need to check GWU email and follow up with the necessary communication.