Harassment Policy and Procedures

A workplace is a social environment. In some instances behaviors may be disguised as friendly or playful when, in fact, they are inappropriate or of a harassing nature.

Please keep the following points in mind:

  • You have the right to expect professional conduct from every person at your internship site. This includes your internship supervisor, peers and subordinates. The internship is not an initiation nor an opportunity for free labor. It is an organized learning experience in a professional work environment.
  • No one under any circumstance has the right to place you in personally uncomfortable situations.
  • Sexual harassment constitutes behavior that is perceived as annoying, aggressive, and/or threatening. If you feel that someone is targeting you as the object of sexual innuendo or inappropriate advances, it is possible you are being harassed. Sexual harassment is not just a matter of the actions of others; it is how the actions affect you.

Behaviors that may constitute sexual harassment include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Unnecessary touching, pinching or patting
  • Obscene gestures
  • Disparaging remarks about one’s gender
  • Sexual innuendos or persistent use of sexually suggestive language which another person finds offensive, demeaning, or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Verbal sexual abuse disguised as humor
  • Remarks about a person’s clothing, body, or sexual activities
  • Conditioning an educational or employment decision or benefit on submission to sexual conduct.

The Center for Career Development is committed to engaging students in professional and safe working/learning environments. Gardner-Webb University will not tolerate any form of harassment, intimidation or discrimination. This applies to internship supervisors and co-workers toward a student, and reversely students toward their internship supervisors and co-workers.

Misconduct of Internship Supervisors/Co-Workers Toward an Intern

The Center for Career Development asks internship supervisors to report any incidents as soon as possible allow. In the event of an incident, internship supervisor should immediately contact the Internship Coordinator or a fellow staff member of the Center for Career Development at Gardner-Webb. Appropriate interventions will immediately be facilitated.

Please read the enclosed documents pertaining to Title IX and the Non-Harassment Policy for all students, faculty and employees. To view the complete Non-Harassment Policy for all students, faculty and employees, please see the current Gardner-Webb University Student Handbook.