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Holly Mabry, MLIS

Digital Scholarship and UX Librarian

Holly and Jessica Xiong co-presented a paper at the Georgia International Information Literacy Conference in Savannah, GA, on February 23 titled “LibGuides 2.0 Continued: Implementing Best Practices in Design and Accessibility after Migration.”

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November 2019

Holly Mabry, MLIS, Sydney Brown, Ph.D., and Jennifer Putnam, Ed.D. are co-authors of “Room to IMPROVE: Designing Virtual Professional Learning Environment,” (pp 122-137) in Prince Bull and Sagini Keengwe’s, Handbook of Research on Innovative Digital Practices to Engage Learners, IGI Global, 2019.

August 2018

On October 8, 2017, Holly Mabry presented a poster for the North Carolina Library Association in Winston-Salem entitled “Collaboration is the Key: Capitalizing on the Expertise of Multiple Library Departments to Develop Sustainable Digital Collections.” On June 2, 2018, she presented a paper with Dan Jolley at the Digital Commons Southeastern Users Group at Kennesaw State University entitled “Using Analytic Tools to Measure Overall Trends and Growth Patterns in Digital Commons Collections.” On June 6, 2018, she presented a paper with Holly Mabry at the Metrolina Library Association annual conference in Charlotte entitled “LibGuides and the Universal Design Approach: The Library’s Role in Providing Accessible Information for Diverse Audiences.” She also presented at the 2028 CETL Summer Institute on “Creating Accessible Documents.”

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