Master of Divinity/Master of English Dual Degree

The Master of Divinity/Master of Arts in English dual degree program will offer you a broad and rich context from which to do ministry. Your critical thinking and analytical skills will be enhanced, allowing you to reflect on life and the world within a framework of additional textual models from which to understand and interpret Scripture.

The MDiv/MA degree is designed to enhance divinity students’ literary, English education, and writing skills by permitting them to earn a second degree, the MA, instead of the usual MDiv concentration.


What You’ll Learn

The MA English degree is an online program taught in a cohort model and offers students three concentrations: 1) literature studies, 2) English education, and 3) writing studies. This degree is for students who want professional advancement in areas such as writing, publishing, and teaching at the secondary or college levels. While these concentrations represent different disciplines within the field, the overall program goal is for students to develop a scholarly and professional identity. These goals reflect the growing professional demand for strong skills in communication, analysis, critical thinking, and collaboration.

MDiv Core60
MA English30
Biblical Studies Electives6
Historical/Theological Electives6
Practical Ministry Elective3

Available Programs

The Master of Divinity/Master of Arts in English

This dual degree has two potential student populations in view: (1) the minister who desires greater background in the literary arts as a context for ministry, and (2) the bi-vocational minister. The MDiv/MA is housed in the School of Divinity and requires completion of the 60-hour core, 6 hours biblical studies electives, 6 hours historical/theological electives, 3 hours practical ministry electives of the MDiv degree, and the 30 hour MA in English degree.

The online Master of Arts in English curriculum offers three core courses (9 hrs.) and seven courses in the concentration (15 hrs. content + 6 hrs. thesis). The core courses build community and foster collaboration among peers as well as provide a foundation for courses within each concentration. The timeline for completion is five semesters.

Additional information, including descriptions of specific concentrations and their corresponding credit hours, is available in the Academic Catalog.


What You’ll Do

A student completing the dual-degree Master of Divinity/Master of Arts in English will:

  • Demonstrate advanced communication skills;
  • Be able to develop curricular resources for the life of the church;
  • Be prepared to function as a bi-vocational minister.

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