Graduate Certificate in English

The Graduate Certificate in English provides working adults the opportunity to teach at the community college level, in an early college, and/or seek adjunct work in other university settings.

The program requires you to complete 18 credit hours and allows you to easily transfer into the online Master of Arts in English program. Students who have successfully completed 6 hours of coursework in the graduate certificate program may apply to enter the MA in English program. Interested students should submit an internal application to the English department chair; the application should include a brief statement of purpose.


What You’ll Learn

Students completing the graduate certificate in English do not need to choose a concentration, which is required of the MA in English program. In addition, students only enrolled in the graduate certificate will not complete the graduate capstone series. Upon approval by the English department faculty, certificate students may choose to complete the additional coursework needed to meet the requirements of the MA English program.

Course Requirements

CatalogCourse NameCredit Hours
ENGL 683Teaching of Writing3
ENGL 671Literary Theory3

Available Programs

English Graduate Certificate

To be admitted into the Graduate Certificate in English program, the following admissions requirements must be met:

  1. 3.0 GPA is expected
  2. At least three references
  3. Student should possess a bachelor’s degree in English or similar field. If student does not possess a bachelor’s degree in English or similar field (ex. Communications, Literary Studies), then 12-15 hours of upper level English courses is required, approved by the program coordinators upon evaluating transcripts

For a more in-depth look at program and admissions requirements, visit our Academic Catalog.

Accelerated Master of Arts in English or Graduate Certificate 

The Accelerated Master of Arts in English program allows Gardner-Webb undergraduate students to begin work in the MA in English or Graduate Certificate in English program while completing their Bachelor of Arts in English degree. 

Qualified students may apply for admission to the Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) in English during their junior year (or after 60 credit hours). If accepted, students can take nine credit hours’ worth of graduate coursework to apply toward their master’s degree or graduate certificate. Six of those hours can earn combination credit and satisfy elective requirements at the undergraduate level.  

Graduate courses in this program are fully online.  For a more in-depth look at program requirements, visit our Academic Catalog.

Graduates from Gardner-Webb University’s BA in English or BA English with Teacher Licensure Program (9-12) will be considered for seamless admission into the MA in English or Graduate Certificate in English program within 1 year of graduation. 

All application fees are waived, and admission requirements are streamlined. See the English, Accelerated Master of Arts section of the academic catalog for more details. 

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What You’ll Do

Completing the Graduate Certificate in English will prepare you to teach at the community college, early college, or adjunct instructor at the university level. 

The United States Department of Education requires institutions who offer Gainful Employment Programs to disclose specific data about each program to prospective students. The disclosure information is intended to help students make informed decisions about enrolling in a GE Program.

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