Undergraduate Political Science Programs

Prepare for community-oriented careers.

Whether in public life or behind the scenes, Gardner-Webb will help develop the skills you need. You will explore political, social, and historical concepts and develop skills in analysis, research, writing, and communication.


What You’ll Learn

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Affairs program offers an excellent background for professions in law and law enforcement, education, journalism, civil society, community organizing, political commentary, and public service at the local, state, national, and international level.

You’ll develop important skills in research, analysis, critical thinking, and effective writing and oral communication. Through classroom curriculum and real-world internship environments, students will also gain a deeper understanding of the political, social, historical, economic, and cultural forces influencing and changing American institutions and politics, public opinion, and more.

Available Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Affairs

In addition to the Gardner-Webb University General Education requirements, the student must complete a minimum of 34 hours of political science courses and 15–20 required minor hours. Minors within the department of social sciences are offered in  Museum Studies, History, Political Science, Social Sciences, and Sociology.

Students may select either American Politics (6 credit hours) or Political Theory (6 credit hours) as a concentration. Total hours in this area are as follows:

  • 6 credit hours in either American Politics or Political Theory
  • 3 credit hours chosen from the other subfield (American Politics or Political Theory)
  • 3 credit hours selected from the Comparative Politics or International Relations courses

For a more in-depth look at program requirements, visit our Academic Catalog.

Second Major in Political Science

A student seeking a second major in any field of study offered by the Department of Social Sciences must meet the criteria outlined in the relevant description of each major.

For a more in-depth look at program requirements, visit our Academic Catalog.

Political Science and International Affairs Minor

A minor in Political Science requires 18 credit hours of coursework in both required and elective courses. Required courses include Introduction to Political Science (POLS 201) and International Relations and Comparative Politics (GLST 202)

For a more in-depth look at minor requirements, visit our Academic Catalog.


What You’ll Do

Your degree in political science will help you contribute to your community in positive ways. You could pursue a career as an attorney, city planner, community organizer, congressional staffer, diplomat, educator, legislator, political analyst, political journalist, or public servant.

Many GWU political sciences alumni are now pursuing graduate study at institutions such as Virginia Tech and law school at universities like George Washington, George Mason, and UC Davis.

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