Master of Science in Strength and Conditioning

A hands-on approach to physical wellness.

The Master of Science in Strength and Conditioning degree offers two enrollment options. One allows for completion of BS and MS in 5 years or less.  The second allows for fall, spring, or summer enrollment into a 2-year program to complete just the MS.

Available Programs

Master of Science in Strength and Conditioning

Whether you pursue the 5-Year BS & MS program or the 2-year MS program, both rely heavily upon standards set by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Currently, the BS is a nationally recognized NSCA program.

Gardner-Webb’s approach to Strength and Conditioning is designed to be very practical and hands on. Led by highly-qualified professors, including a licensed physical therapist (DPT), a PhD in Exercise Physiology, and a PhD in Kinesiology, this program includes extensive internship and laboratory work. 

Program Course ReQuirements

  • PSYC 520 Exercise and Sport Psychology*
  • EXSI 524: Sports Nutrition*
  • EXSI 532 Research Methods*
  • EXSI 535 Kinesiology*
  • EXSI 511 Elite Conditioning
  • EXSI 527 Fitness Facility Management
  • EXSI 530 Advanced Strength and Conditioning
  • EXSI 531 Advanced Programming
  • EXSI 545 Program for Endurance Athletes
  • EXSI 545 Program for Endurance Athletes
  • EXSI 551 Practicum I
  • EXSI 552 Practicum II
  • EXSI 597 Internship
  • EXSI 598 Thesis (This is an optional course for all students)

* Represents courses which are cross listed with undergraduate degree

Admissions Requirements

Traditional undergraduate students who have been accepted into the Exercise Science program can be automatically accepted into the Master of Science in Strength & Conditioning Program in their Senior year.

Students applying to the 2 year MS program will need:

  • Undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. Students with less than a 2.75 undergraduate grade point average may be admitted with additional requirements upon the recommendation of the program director. .
  • A one-page personal statement indicating the applicant’s interest in the program and describing professional intent.
  • Undergraduate coursework in the following: Human Anatomy and Physiology (eight credit hours); Kinesiology, Biomechanics and/or Exercise Physiology.
  • Criminal background check/drug screen, if applicable: May be required by internship site.
  • Current licenses/certifications, if applicable: Adult CPR/AED certification
  • Two letters of recommendation addressing the applicant’s potential to succeed in the physical activity professions and in graduate work.

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Accelerated Master of Strength and Conditioning

The Accelerated Master of Strength and Conditioning (MSSC) allows undergraduate Gardner-Webb students to begin work in the MSSC program while completing their bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.  

Qualified students may apply for admission to the Accelerated MSSC during their junior year (or after 60 credit hours). If accepted, students can take up to twelve credit hours of graduate coursework to apply toward their MSSC degree and earn combination credit for these hours at the undergraduate level.  

Graduates from the Gardner-Webb Exercise Science (EXSI) program will be seamlessly admitted into the MS in Strength and Conditioning program within one year of graduation. 

All application fees are waived, and admission requirements are streamlined. See the Strengths and Conditioning section of the academic catalog for more details. 

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What You’ll Do

The program is ideal for individuals desiring to enter into or continue their education in the following fields: physical therapy, cardiovascular rehabilitation, strength & conditioning coaching, teaching in higher education, personal training, and small business development.

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