The purpose of Dimensions is to nurture students spiritually, intellectually, and culturally from the perspective of a Christian world view and to promote a sense of community. Consequently, the three primary objectives of the Dimensions program are:

  1. To provide opportunities for spiritual growth through worship and programs of a religious nature, all in the context of Gardner-Webb University’s strong commitment to the Christian faith,
  2. To enhance the academic program of the University by providing opportunities for intellectual and cultural enrichment,
  3. To promote a sense of community by regularly bringing together students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University.

All Gardner-Webb Traditional Undergraduate students, including transfer students, are required to satisfactorily complete 4 semesters of Dimensions in order to graduate. To meet this requirement, students must attend at least 10 programs per semester. Every student automatically will be registered for a Dimensions course each semester until four semesters have been successfully completed. Transfer students must satisfactorily complete a Dimensions course each semester until they graduate or until four semesters have been successfully completed. Part-time students must complete a Dimensions course for every 15 hours of credit earned at Gardner- Webb until four semesters of Dimensions have been successfully completed. (The Dimensions courses are numbered 111-114).

Dimensions is held on Tuesdays at 9:25am in Stewart Hall, Tucker Student Center unless otherwise noted.

Students enrolled in Dimensions swipe their ID cards upon entering the program. Students are not permitted to swipe the card of someone else, and students arriving after 9:30am will not receive credit for that program. Students who leave Dimensions prior to the conclusion of the program will be charged with academic dishonesty and will receive an F for the semester.

Students are expected to treat speakers with the utmost respect and courtesy. Appropriate dress and behavior are expected. The use of iPods/earphones, cell phones, laptops, iPads, and other electronic devices are not permitted. Students who fail to comply with the expected appropriate behavior will result in the loss of credit for that program’s attendance.

Current students enrolled in Tuesday Dimensions can check their attendance through the WebbConnect portal. Any questions or discrepancies should be discussed with Teresa Davis at (704) 406-4277, [email protected], or in Tucker Student Center 231.

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