Emergency and University Phone Numbers

University Police(704) 406-4444

Any Emergency

Cleveland County Communication Center911
Boiling Springs Pediatric and Family Medicine(704) 434-9686
Fire and Rescue (Boiling Springs)(704) 484-4822
Sheriff’s Office (Shelby)(704) 484-4888
State Highway Patrol (Shelby)(704) 487-8524

Administrative Offices

Academics (Webb Hall, 1st Floor)(704) 406-3522
Alumni Relations (Goode House)(704) 406-3862
Aramark Food Service (Cafeteria) (Dover Campus Center)(704) 406-4326
Athletics (Lutz-Yelton Convocation Center)(704) 406-4340
Business Affairs (Webb Hall, 1st Floor)(704) 406-4280
Cafeteria – Aramark (Dover Campus Center, 1st Floor)(704) 406-4326
Campus Shop (Tucker Student Center, 1st Floor)(704) 406-4273
Center for Personal & Prof Development (Tucker Student Center, 1st floor)(704) 406-2170
Christian Life and Service (Tucker Student Center, 2nd Floor)(704) 406-4277
College of Business (Hamrick Hall)(704) 406-4375
College of Education (Craig Hall)(704) 406-4406
Community Engagement(704) 406-2135
Community Relations (Webb Hall)(704) 406-4253
Counseling Center (Tucker Student Center, 3rd Floor)(704) 406-4563
Digital Learning (GWU Online and Graduate) Enrollment (Washburn Hall)(704) 406-4485
Financial Planning (Dover Campus Center)(704) 406-4243
Gardner-Webb Online Office (Graduate Studies and Digital Learning House) (704) 406-2173
Graduate School – Dean (Graduate Studies and Digital Learning House)(704) 406-4273
Human Resources (Webb Hall)(704) 406-3839
International Students (Tucker Student Center, 2nd Floor)(704) 406-3245
LEAP Program (Learning Assistance) (Tucker Student Center, 3rd Floor)(704) 406-4394
Library (John R. Dover Memorial Library)(704) 406-4290
Mail Center (Tucker Student Center, 1st Floor)(704) 406-4274
Minister to the University (Tucker Student Center, 2nd Floor)(704) 406-4277
Office of Global Engagement (Lindsay Hall)(704) 406-4415
Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (Webb Hall, 2nd Floor)(704) 406-4264
Plant Operations(704) 406-4330
President’s Office (Webb Hall, 2nd Floor)(704) 406-4236
Provost and Executive VP’s Office (Webb Hall, 1st Floor)(704) 406-4239
Radio Station – WGWG (Elliott House)(704) 406-3525
Registrar Services (Dover Campus Center Ground Floor)(704) 406-4260
School of Divinity (Noel Hall)(704) 406-4395
School of Nursing (College of Health Sciences)(704) 406-3887
School of Psychology and Counseling (Elliott Hall)(704) 406-4439
Student Accounts (Dover Campus Center Ground Floor)(704) 406-4287
Switchboard Operator (Dover Campus Center)(704) 406-4000
Technology Services (Suttle Hall)(704) 406-4647
The Noel Center for Disability Resources (Frank Nanney Hall)(704) 406-4270
Title IX Compliance (Tucker Student Center, 3rd Floor)(704) 406-4373
University Advancement (Webb Hall, 2nd floor)(704) 406-4250
University Campus Police (Poston Center)(704) 406-3002 or (704) 406-4444
University and Media Relations (Elliott House)(704) 406-4631
Wellness Center (Bost)(704) 406-3552
Writing Center (Tucker Student Center, 3rd Floor)(704) 406-4393