This online tool allows you to access the database of courses which have been previously submitted, evaluated and approved for transfer credit into Gardner-Webb University.

Because the database only includes previously evaluated courses, it may not be complete for your individual transcript. When you apply for admission, you will receive an automatic email telling your where to submit your official college transcripts. We will evaluate all of your courses and provide you with a complete, personalized online report of how your courses were accepted by Gardner-Webb. Having your official transcripts evaluated is the only way to evaluate your transfer credits fully and completely; however, the tool below can provide some examples of how specific courses may transfer.

To use the tool to see examples of how courses from the institutions you attended have been accepted for transfer credit at Gardner-Webb, enter your information in the fields below. If you plan to take face-to-face courses on our main campus, select the Traditional Undergraduate Program option from the Program box’s dropdown menu. If you plan to take classes in one of our fully online distance learning programs, select the Degree Completion Program from this dropdown menu.