GWU students in Haiti on Mission Trip

Mission Endowment Fund

They will go. Will you send them?

Scholarships for Students

The MEF provides scholarships for Gardner-Webb students to answer God’s call to go on missions—to serve and love their neighbors.

Here am I. Send me.

They Will Go…

Every year, GWU students travel the state, country and world on short-term mission trips. These trips are life-changing experiences that shape students’ view of the world, serving others and the calling to “Love God, Love People.” Each student is responsible for the cost of their trip—no matter how expensive. International trips can often cost a student more than $2,500. Many students desire to have this mission immersion experience and feel called to go, but they lack the financial resources or community of support to participate. The MEF stands in the gap for them.

How it Works

Gifts to the MEF are placed within a section of the larger GWU endowment. From the investment earnings, we provide scholarships to students. Gifts are diverse and range from cash to stocks, real estate and other appreciated assets.

The MEF will encourage and empower GWU students to go where God leads by removing financial obstacles. It will be a powerful recruiting tool for new students looking to ignite their faith at GWU.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple—scholarship and send each and every student to go where they feel God calling them. The MEF highlights the Christian identity of the University and embodies the University’s Motto: For God and Humanity.

It’s Our Mission

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Our students go when God calls, locally and globally.

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We partner with existing ministries to encourage their efforts.

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We join the Great Commission, making disciple of Jesus.

Help us Send our Next Team!

Partner with us to send Gardner-Webb students called to churches, ministries and missions.

Local Opportunities

GWU offers two monthly service opportunities for students. We partner with local ministries such as the Shelby Mission Camp, Rutherford Housing Partnerships and Feeding Kids Cleveland County.

Our reach

Gardner-Webb Mission teams have served and ministered in forty-four countries – twenty-two percent of the countries in the world across six continents.


For further information about the Christian Service Organization or the Mission Endowment Fund contact Nate Evans.

Countries Visited and Planned to Visit

world map highlighting places Mission has visited

Whom shall I send? Here I am. Send me.

Small Town, Lasting Impact

Gardner-Webb mission teams have served and will continue to serve next door and around the world.


In the last 20 years, here’s how donations have transformed lives:


1,400+ Students Sent


100+ Trips Taken

Map of World

20 States Impacted

Canada, Australia and India Flags

44 Countries Visited

3.7 million in Scholarships

Since 2005, CSO has provided more than $3.7 million in scholarships to more than 900 recipients preparing for:


Preaching, Teaching and Evangelism


Youth and Children’s Ministry

Treble Clef

TrMusic Ministry

World in hands


We went with Clayton King Ministries to serve the homeless in Los Angeles. With MEF support, we were able to focus on the trip. You helped us achieve our goal for the Kingdom of God.
— Artur Hofer ’20 & Laci Frye ’20
It was humbling and encouraging to meet followers of Jesus on another continent. Though our lives are very different, we still worship the same God.
— Hannah Wilson Watson ’16
The CSO and MEF speak to the heart of Gardner-Webb University’s Christian mission and identity—Pro Deo et Humanitate (For God and Humanity). These endowments help make it possible for students to share their love for God and others, not only in our local communities, but nationally and internationally. It is such a joy to witness students responding to God’s invitation to join God’s mission of redemption saying, "Here am I, send me!
— Dr. Tracy Jessup, Vice President for Christian Life and Service, Senior Minister to the University