Master of Arts in Bible and Theology

Strengthen your ministry by acquiring a biblical and theological foundation

The Master of Arts in Bible and Theology (MABT) is a 36-credit hour concentrated curriculum, providing biblical and theological knowledge leading to life-long engagement with learning in a scholarly context. Up to 17 hours of the 36-hour degree can be taken online.

Intended primarily as professional preparation, the program equips students with the leadership skills needed to guide others into a deeper understanding of Scripture and Christian Theology in congregational or para-church ministry settings. Students will learn from a faculty with strong ties to Gardner-Webb University’s Baptist tradition, including its historic commitments to Biblical Authority, the priesthood of all believers, and the separation of church and state. At the same time, the learning community is interdenominational, celebrating the diversity of the many ecclesial traditions represented within the student body.

The Master of Arts in Bible and Theology degree invites students who are interested in receiving theological education in a “rigorous and innovative degree program, combined with distinctive experiential learning opportunities” to be transformed into “thinkers, doers, and world-changers.”


What You’ll Learn

Your classes and hands-on learning experiences will help you:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible, including the history of its development, canonization and the variety of literary genres found within its pages.
  • Articulate historical-theological positions that undergird the many doctrines of the Christian church.
  • Analyze and evaluate the development of Christian ethics and apply them to the complexities of the modern world.
  • Develop the ability to integrate knowledge of the Bible, theology, and ethics and apply it to your personal calling to the mission of God in the world.

Additional information, including descriptions of specific concentrations and their corresponding credit hours, is available in the Academic Catalog.


What You’ll Do

The Master of Arts in Bible and Theology will not only provide you with a strong foundation in basic Christian understanding but will also equip you to prepare others to grow in their discipleship and make a difference in the world.

The degree is designed to provide a credential that will support individuals in a variety of ministry settings, including

  • Teaching Ministry of the Church
  • Leadership in faith-based ministries and organizations
  • Church staff position not requiring ordination

The Master of Arts in Bible and Theology is primarily focused on professional development, although students seeking a preparatory degree for doctoral study may find value in its outcomes. The University also offers a Master of Arts in Religion designed primarily for academic preparation.

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