Undergraduate Criminal Justice Programs

Study cybercrime, homeland security, terrorism and intelligence, while incorporating science and technology into investigative strategies.

Gardner-Webb provides a student-centered program of study based on current law enforcement, societal and political demands of criminal justice officers designed to meet the growing local, national, international law enforcement and homeland security concerns. The courses offered by the Department of Public Service will prepare students with a level of higher education that includes increased critical-thinking, ethical decision-making, and multi-cultural communication skills in addition to providing a solid foundation of technical and professional skills to address the needs of our evolving, complex society. 


What You’ll Learn

Along with the University’s liberal arts interdisciplinary education, the Criminal Justice Administration curriculum develops a deep understanding of social, political, domestic and global criminal justice issues. In addition to a solid foundation of technical and professional skills, courses within the major improve critical-thinking, ethical decision-making and multicultural communication skills. Along with classroom instruction, the major requires field or internship experiences*, and study-abroad opportunities are available.

*Internships are required for Transitional Undergraduate students but are not a requirement for Degree Completion students.

Available Programs

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

The Criminal Justice Administration major requires 36 hours, with an overall requirement of 120 hours to complete the Bachelor of Science Degree. There is an opportunity for students to complete a minor in other related fields such as psychology, sociology, accounting, or science. Requirements include participation in field experiences or an internship in a criminal justice agency.

For a more in-depth look at program requirements, visit our Academic Catalog.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Online Undergraduate Program

In addition to the University’s required general education and prerequisites, the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice through the Online Undergraduate Program requires 30 hours in the major, 15 of which must be completed with the University.

For a more in-depth look at program requirements, visit our Academic Catalog.

Criminal Justice Administration Minor

Traditional Criminal Justice majors are required to complete a minor, but may choose from any of the university’s minor offerings. A minor in Criminal Justice requires 18 credit hours of coursework in both required and elective courses. A minor in Homeland Security is also available within the Department of Public Service.

For a more in-depth look at minor requirements, visit our Academic Catalog.


What You’ll Do

A Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice or Criminal Justice Administration prepares you to work in careers that include:

  • law enforcement
  • crime scene investigation
  • crime analysis
  • fraud investigation
  • private investigation and security
  • probation
  • correctional administration
  • homeland security
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) or Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF)

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