The commitment statement below, is agreed to and signed by the Team Member (student), Team Leader and Financial Coordinator prior to the Mission Trip.


I realize that commitment from each team member for the upcoming Activity is very important.  In signing this form I understand the following:

  1. I will fully commit myself to prepare and participate in the purpose of this Activity.
  1. I will faithfully attend scheduled team meetings and fund raising activities.  If unable to attend, I will contact the team leader in advance if at all possible.
  1. I will be held financially responsible for the cost of this Activity.  If for any reason I am unable to go, I will be responsible for any costs that cannot be refunded such as airfare, fees associated with the partnering mission’s organization, etc.  Furthermore, I understand that a hold will be placed on my student account if I am unable to pay for the costs of the trip when due. I understand that one potential consequence of a hold is being dropped from future enrolled classes until all financial obligations have been met and the hold has been lifted.
  1. The cost of my airfare must be paid by the due date indicated on the payment schedule, in order to have my ticket reserved in my name; otherwise, I may be required to forfeit my place on the team. 
  1. If at any time, I experience difficulty in raising the Activity balance, I will discuss this immediately with my team leader.
  1. I commit to maintaining a positive attitude and a servant spirit.
  1. I agree to respect the authority of the appointed Team leaders.
  • I understand that Gardner-Webb may dismiss me from the Activity or take action to alter or diminish my participation in the Activity at any time if I engage in behavior that is in violation of this Statement or any applicable law; that may endanger the health or well-being of myself or others; that interferes with the operation of the Activity; or that interferes with the full participation and enjoyment of other participants in the Activity.