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Faculty Emeriti

Faculty Emeriti: An Introduction

If the faculty represent the face of a college or university (which they do), then the faculty emeriti represent the heart.

Qualifications for Faculty Emeritus

The Gardner-Webb University Faculty Handbook defines the emeriti rank with these words:

(Emeriti rank is) Reserved for those who have retired from full-time teaching at Gardner-Webb University with at least 15 years of service to the University as a member of the faculty. Anyone appointed to this rank must be recommended by the faculty through the academic department, the Administrative Advisory Committee, and the University Administration. Appointment to the rank is by action of the Board of Trustees.

Symbolic in nature, this rank is to be used to recognize outstanding faculty contributions to the life of Gardner-Webb. The title Emeritus/Emerita may be conferred posthumously, upon faculty recommendation, in those cases in which death precedes the possibility of retirement or within one academic year after retirement.

Gardner-Webb Faculty Emeriti Book History

Gardner-Webb University is indebted to Dr. Doris Banner, retired professor of education, for originating the idea of a faculty emeriti book and for having its genesis in her Fall 1993 graduate class on educational leadership. Each student in that class submitted one biographical sketch for the first edition in 1994. Other sketches were written by faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the University for that original edition. Faculty Emeritus Lansford Jolley and former GWU Archivist Cothenia Jolley deserve special mention for writing several sketches, adapted from Lansford Jolley’s book, “Dreaming, Daring, Doing…The Story of Gardner-Webb University.”

An Ad Hoc Faculty Emeriti Book Committee updated the biographies, added new faculty emeriti, and published a second edition in 2009.

In 2015, the Gardner-Webb Office of University Communications led the production of a 3rd published edition with the editorial assistance of Dr. Darlene Gravett, associate provost emerita. 

In 2022, the Gardner-Webb Office of University Communications in collaboration with the Office of Webb and Digital Communications transitioned from a printed publication to a web/digital-based version allowing for periodic updates to honor new faculty emeriti and to remember those who have passed away.

Gardner-Webb University Emeriti

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