All officially recognized Gardner-Webb student organizations and clubs (“student organizations”) are subject to, and must uphold and facilitate, the Mission, Community Standards, Affirmation, and Non-Discrimination Statement set forth below, and comply with applicable laws, University rules, and regulations. Student organizations must meet specific requirements and follow the protocols outlined in this Handbook in order to achieve and maintain University recognition, assemble on campus and be eligible for other privileges granted to officially sanctioned student organizations. If a student organization condones or promotes prohibited conduct, the Dean of Students may initiate the appropriate sanctions against the organization and/or its members, which may include, but not be limited to, revoking University recognition of the organization.

Sororities and fraternities (sometimes referred to as “Greek” organizations and clubs) are not eligible for official University recognition.

The Gardner-Webb Mission

The mission of Gardner-Webb University is to prepare graduates for leadership and service in their professional careers and in their personal lives. Rigorous and innovative degree programs, combined with distinctive experiential learning opportunities, shape students into thinkers, doers, and world-changers. Forged within a supportive and diverse Christian community, our students emerge ready to impact their chosen professions, equipped with the skills to advance the frontiers of knowledge, and inspired to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of others.

Community Standards

Gardner-Webb University is a community of students, faculty and staff who are dedicated to learning and personal development in a Christian environment. As in any community, certain standards of conduct are necessary to protect the safety, rights, health and general well-being of all members of the community. The University strives to promote concern for the good of the entire group as opposed to selfish individualism. Each person, whether student, faculty or staff, voluntarily joins the University community and thus is expected to abide by rules and regulations that have been adopted to ensure
reasonable standards of conduct. The Code of Student Conduct describes conduct which the University does not tolerate. By enrolling in the University, each student agrees to abide by University rules, regulations and expectations. The Board of Trustees has approved minimum penalties for certain prohibited behaviors. The University assures fundamental fairness to any student accused of involvement in prohibited behavior. The Student Handbook describes the Code of Student Conduct
and the judicial process used in the event that a student becomes involved in prohibited behavior. Gardner- Webb University’s clubs and organizations require traditional undergraduate student status for membership. Therefore, all events, meetings, or actions by a club or organization are held to the Code of Student Conduct. If a club or organization participates in prohibited behaviors the Dean of Students will adjudicate the appropriate sanctions.

Pro Deo et Humanitate: An Affirmation:

“As members of the Gardner-Webb University community, we commit ourselves to uphold Christian compassion as our foundation for a peaceful and enriching experience for everyone on campus. All persons are made in the image of God and we are called to demonstrate the love of Christ in word and deed to everyone. We further declare that actions of harassment, abuse, and bullying, degrading actions/speech dishonor the message of Christ to love our neighbors as ourselves. Furthermore, as an institution of Christian higher education within our Baptist heritage, we value academic and intellectual freedom of conscience. We, therefore, acknowledge that theological differences of opinion will exist among us as we make our way through the richness of debate toward moral conviction. Even so, we commit ourselves to maintain a loving Christ-like environment in which we will treat those with whom we differ with dignity and respect due the image of God.”

Notice of Nondiscrimination

Gardner-Webb University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in employment for any of its programs and activities.