Table of Contents

Part I – Introduction & Overview

Part II – Academic Policies & Procedures

Part III – Non-Academic Policies & Procedures

Part IV – Student Resources

Part V – Safety & Security Policy

Part VI – COVID-19 Specific Policies

Part VII – Clinical Year Overview

Part VIII – Clinical Year Policies & Procedures

The Gardner-Webb University Department of Physician Assistant Studies reserves the right to amend this manual and change or delete any existing rule, policy, or procedure, or to add new rules, policies, and procedures at any time and without prior notice.

The student will be notified of all updates by GWU email, Microsoft Teams notifications, and/or Blackboard announcements.

Because of the unique characteristics of healthcare educational programs, whenever a conflict exists between university policy and the Department of PA Studies policy, the program policy takes precedence.
ARC-PA 5th ed Standards A3.01, A3.02