Academic Year 2023–2024

The Graduate Student Handbook of the Gayle Bolt Price School of Graduate Studies is designed to serve as a supplement to the School of Graduate Studies section of the Gardner-Webb University Academic Catalog. Along with the Student Handbook of each graduate program, these publications provide academic and student-life regulations and policies as well as helpful information. It is the student’s responsibility to know and understand these regulations and policies and to understand how they affect progress toward graduation. Faculty advisors, program directors, and the staff in the Graduate Studies Office can be of assistance; but ultimately it is the student’s responsibility to follow correct policies and procedures. Students should consult the current online version of this Handbook for the latest information.

Gardner-Webb University’s publications, including, but not limited to, its policies, procedures, website, guidelines, communications, and social media posts, do not constitute a contract between the University and any person or entity. The University reserves the right to modify all such publications and/or modify its operating practices without prior notice.

Changes Due to Health and Safety Concerns. Safety of the University Community is of utmost concern. Over the course of the academic year, University officials monitor guidance from governmental and health officials concerning face-to-face instruction and the presence of students on campus. In its discretion, and in consultation with public health authorities and/or consistent with governmental guidance, Gardner-Webb University reserves the right, without prior notice, to provide online instruction rather than traditional face-to-face classes, alter the delivery and location of instruction, change class schedules, locations, and class offerings, and close or alter the availability of campus facilities, including, but not limited to, campus housing, recreational and dining facilities, and to make changes to any other program or activity. Reimbursements for tuition, fees, housing, dining, and all expenses or damages incurred as a result of these changes, if any, will be at the discretion of the University.

Contact information for Graduate Student Support Services can be found here.