Graduate students play a vital role at Gardner-Webb University. Thus, the Gayle Bolt Price School of Graduate Studies founded the Graduate Student Advisory Board (GSAB) in August 2022. The GSAB provides a platform for students to voice their perspectives, offer suggestions to enhance their time with the university and contribute to decision-making processes. The goals of the GSAB include representation, community, and support. The aim is to enhance graduate students’ experiences and foster a sense of community. By recognizing graduate students’ unique challenges, the board was created to serve as a representative body to advocate for their needs and concerns.   

The GSAB includes a graduate student liaison who serves on Graduate Council. As a result, the GSAB serves as a bridge between the graduate student population and graduate program leadership. The GSAB and Graduate Council strive to facilitate effective communication and promote inclusivity, well-being, and academic success.  

The GSAB seeks representation from the student body to effectively support the variety of graduate students enrolled at Gardner-Webb. Representatives are self-nominated or nominated by faculty within their programs. The aim is for every graduate degree program to have representation on the board.  Representatives attend monthly evening meetings via zoom. At these meetings, representatives are asked to report any questions or concerns their classmates may have and consider potential solutions.  

Through its initiatives and attention to graduate student concerns, the GSAB works to create a supportive and empowering environment that enables graduate students to thrive personally, professionally, and intellectually.