Address Notification

It is mandatory for International Student Services (ISS), GWU Registrar’s Office, and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to know your current address at all times. Therefore, once you have found accommodation inform us of your address immediately. This information will only be used for official purposes and will not be released to any third party without your consent. However, by signing the SEVIS Form 1-20, you have given the ISS permission to release the information to USCIS should they request it.

The Registrar’s office keeps records of the official addresses for all students. All University mails are sent to the address you have on file in the Registrar’s office. Therefore, it is important to maintain accurate address information in the GWU system. Notify the Registrar’s office about your new address once you have found accommodation.

In case you move from one accommodation to another, it is important for you to notify the ISS and Registrar’s office of your new address. These offices must have your correct address at all times.

Please note: The address you indicated on your application form may not be your current mailing address. After arriving on campus, it is your responsibility to change this to your local North Carolina address.

Contact ISS

University Records

It is important to have your name recorded accurately and in the proper order in the University database from the first semester of your enrollment at GWU, as you will want it to appear on your diploma when you finally graduate. If you are not satisfied with this record, you can correct it quickly at the Registrar’s office, located in Dover Campus Center. Remember to have your name in the right order, which is, first, middle, and last names. Once you have established this order, be sure to stick to it to avoid confusion in future.

Be sure to write your name as it appears on your birth record and passport and use it consistently.


Every enrolled resident student at GWU is assigned a mailbox number, so you can receive mails sent to you. As long as you remain a resident student, this mailbox number will be yours until you graduate from the University. Once you cease to be a resident student, this mailbox number also ceases to be yours.