Health Sciences Building Overview

The College of Health Sciences (CoHS) comprises the Department of Physician Assistant Studies, the Hunt School of Nursing (and multiple nursing programs), Exercise Science, and the Department of Psychological Science and Counselor Education. All programs may hold classes during the day, evening, and weekends.

While some rooms may be designed for a specific program, all rooms remain part of the CoHS and are utilized at various times by all members of the CoHS and even by programs outside of the College of Health Sciences. It is expected that all students clean up after themselves daily. All items must remain neatly placed or be removed when vacating a room if so instructed.

Disability Accommodations

ARC-PA 5th ed Standards A1.04; A3.10

The Noel Center for Disability Resources provides accommodations and services to qualifying students with disabilities. Upon acceptance to the University, the student should register for assistance by filling out the Request for Services form on the Center’s homepage and clicking on the new student link or calling 704-406-4270. The Center will request documentation to verify eligibility and collaborate with the student and instructor to determine reasonable accommodations.

Professional documentation of the disability and its functional limitations should be sent to the Noel Center for Disability Services no later than three weeks before the beginning of services. Once eligibility has been determined, the student is assigned a disability specialist who will collaboratively work with the student to determine the appropriate accommodations and services. This person will work with the student throughout his or her time at Gardner-Webb. Some of the accommodations/services provided if the student has supportive documentation include, but are not limited to note-takers, extended-time testing, materials in an alternative format, lab assistants, interpreters, orientation and mobility training, and use of adaptive technology. The student may also receive help in developing effective study skills and organizational and test-taking strategies. Information on accessibility through the Noel Center for Disability Resources is communicated to students with graduate orientation materials in Blackboard, syllabi, and the Support Services section of all university Blackboard courses. ~ Gayle Bolt Price School of Graduate Studies.

Any student who feels that he or she has a disability or condition which might jeopardize the safety of patients or prohibits his or her participation in the classroom, laboratory, or clinical activities must notify the appropriate faculty or program director so that reasonable accommodations can be made, if possible.