Important Dates & Deadlines

All-important University dates and deadlines such as registration, drop/add, graduation application, commencement, holidays, and finals weeks can be accessed on the Gardner-Webb University Academic Events.

NOTE: Dates within the GWU Department of PA Studies may differ from the university calendar for semester start and stop dates and holiday time. For specifics, consult the Department of Physician Assistant Studies calendar, which will be continuously updated.

Students should not assume there is time off from school during or between semesters unless expressly noted as a break. Please reference the attendance policy.

Library Services

The GWU Library has an extensive collection of resources, including technology and research support, journals, books, references to which every PA student has full access. Additionally, the library houses individual and small group study areas, a computer lab, and support staff that provide research assistance as needed. Several supplemental academic resources are available through the GWU campus:

  • The English Writing Center, which assists the student with developing and refining their writing skills.
  • Computer Labs throughout campus.

Mental Health and Counseling Services

ARC-PA 5th ed Standard A3.10

Any student experiencing symptoms related to stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues after matriculation in the PA Studies Program is strongly encouraged to contact the University’s Counseling Services at (704) 406- 4563. Additional information can be found under Counseling Services on the Gardner-Webb University webpage. (Standard A3.10)