The clinical year section of the GWU Department of Physician Assistant Studies Handbook and Policy Manual provides the student with the required policies, procedures, and expectations.  It is a valuable source of information for success during the clinical phase. It contains specific instructions, tools, and guidelines to assist the student in obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills to complete their PA training competently.

For additional information regarding university policies and procedures, use the following resources:

Please note, if this manual conflicts with or is more restrictive than the GWU Department of Physician Assistant Studies Student Handbook and Policy Manual, the provision in this manual shall apply.
ARC-PA 5th ed Standards A3.01, A3.02

If a student has questions that cannot be answered by these sources, the student should discuss them with the Director of Clinical Education (DCE) (or Associate Director of Clinical Education (ADCE)).

During clinical orientation, each student must sign the Acknowledgment of Understanding of the Clinical Year Policies & Procedures. By signing this form, the student acknowledges that they have read and understood the handbook’s contents.

Clinical Orientation

ARC-PA 5th ed Standards A3.01, A3.02, A3.03, A3.04, A3.05, A3.06, A3.07, A3.08, A3.09, A3.10

Clinical orientation begins in the Spring II semester and concludes before the start of SCPEs. Time is set aside to cover clinical year topics, including but not limited to the following:

  • SCPE Overview
  • Clinical Onboarding
  • Documentation (Logging/Clinical Competency Checklist)
  • SCPE-Specific Assignment Overview
  • PANCE Prep
  • Professionalism
  • Topic/Skills Review
  • Rescreening (Background Checks, Drug Screenings, OSHA/HIPAA training)
  • Handbook Review

The most up-to-date information related to Clinical Orientation and the topics covered will be located in Blackboard.