ARC-PA 5th ed Standards A1.01, A1.10, A3.01, A3.02

The clinical year curriculum is developed with a patient-centered, problem-oriented, and application-based focus. In a supervised clinical setting, the student will utilize the extensive medical knowledge base set during the first four semesters of the program curriculum. Each clinical environment presents different challenges and rewards and serves as the starting point for transitioning from student to clinician.

GWU has affiliation agreements with healthcare institutions and physicians, allowing the program to set up a complete course of supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPEs) for each student. Routinely, SCPEs are randomly assigned based on preceptor/site availability. Each student will be afforded opportunities to provide suggestions for specific clinical sites or preceptors throughout the clinical year.  For detailed course information, refer to the SCPE Specific Course Syllabi and Blackboard. Also, see specific course syllabi for MPAS 621 Evidence-Based Medicine, MPAS 651 Capstone, and MPAS 654 Summative Evaluation in respective Blackboard courses.

Each clinical year student represents the program, the university, and the physician assistant profession.