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Undergraduate Tuition

Tuition and Fees

Gardner-Webb University will make every effort to keep operating costs low while providing quality programs. Through the support of various affiliated organizations, private gifts from alumni, businesses, friends, and endowment earnings, Gardner-Webb is able to charge tuition which is less than the actual cost of instruction and other services. The University, however, reserves the right to change tuition and other charges at the beginning of the semester if such change is necessary in the judgment of the Board of Trustees.

Traditional Program: 2024-25 Academic Year

Fee DescriptionCost Per Semester
Tuition (Full-Time: 10-18 Hours)$16,885
Private Room (Additional)$880
Suite Style$2,785
University Commons$4,440
Board Plans: 
Platinum Bulldog PlanUnlimited + $600 Flex$2,920
Gold Bulldog PlanUnlimited + $500 Flex$2,770
Bulldog 14 Plan14 Meals/Week + $500 Flex$2,645
Part-Time / Overload Rate
(Less Than 10 Semester Hours or
More Than 18 Semester Hours)
$496 Per Credit Hour
Residence Hall Security Deposit$100
Residential Amenities Fee$195
Student Activities Fee$170
Student Health Clinic Fee$135
Bulldog Bundle Fee$360
Digital Learning Fee$75

Summer School Programs: 2024-25 Academic Year

Fee DescriptionCost
Tuition: Per Credit Hour$375
Room: Per Summer Session$536
Board: Per Summer Session(21 Meals/Week)$905
Student Health Clinic Fee (per session)$25
Digital Learning Fee (per semester)$75

Book Expenses

The estimated cost of textbooks is $600 to $750 per semester, but this varies greatly with the number and types of classes taken.

Payment Options

Each semester the Gardner-Webb University Student Accounts Office will bill each student for tuition, student activity fee, special fees, and, if applicable, room, board, communications fee, and a residence hall damage deposit. Tuition charges will be based on your registration schedule and room and board charges will be based on your room assignment according to the Office of Residence Life. Any advance payments or deposits as well as approved financial aid will be shown as a credit on your online billing statement. The remaining balance will be the balance due for the upcoming semester.

The balance due may be paid by one of the following methods:

Cash, check or money order payable to Gardner-Webb University; 
Credit Card: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express

*A service charge of 2.75% will be assessed on all domestic credit/debit card payments.  International card payments will be subject to a 4.25% service charge.

Gardner-Webb University Monthly Payment Plan

Information shown on your online billing screen will include more specific information concerning billing and payment issues including the payment due date, fees and interest associated with the Monthly Payment Plan, and any penalties for late payment

You can access detailed Online Billing instructions for your particular program by the following links:

The top portion of the billing page reflects your class schedule. The middle of the page includes charges to the left and anticipated credits to the right. A remaining balance, indicating any amount for which the student remains personally responsible and its due date, is included below the charge section.

Additional links will be listed at the bottom of the online billing page including the insurance wavier form and a link for paying via credit or debit card. Also included is a link for the deferred payment plan (print out a copy before submitting; the first payment must be submitted in order for a deferred plan to be formally established).

Please note: The deadline for making payment in full, or for completing all requirements for financial aid or a deferred payment plan, will always occur at the beginning of the semester during the first full week of class. The actual due date will be provided by the online billing each semester.