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Community Update: Campus Events and Updates

As we continue to prioritize the health and safety of our campus community, it is essential that we avoid complacency and pandemic fatigue.  Our shared goal:  to stay together on campus with in-person classes through the end of the semester. The formula is simple and by now very familiar:  wear it (your mask), wash ’em (your hands), and keep it (a safe distance).


A decision will be made on or before March 1 on whether the May 2021 Commencement events will return to a traditional in-person format or if, instead, virtual ceremonies will continue. This decision will be based on the status of the Governor’s Executive Order in North Carolina regarding indoor and outdoor events.

Athletics Events

Working within the current guidelines from the Governor’s Executive Order and with careful consideration and dialogue with other schools across the state, Gardner-Webb will by necessity limit attendance at all outdoor athletic events to 100 people (exclusive of workers, entertainers, athletes, and other support staff).  This includes football, baseball, tennis and all other outdoor events.

Admission to all athletics events will be managed through a guest pass list. Names of attendees will be submitted by student-athletes to their respective sport coach based upon the parameters established for each sport. The athletics department will oversee this process.

The University reserves the right to alter (either up or down) the total number of allowed attendees at any time during a season based upon changes in state and/or county regulations.

Current Data

As of today, February 5, Gardner-Webb has two positive cases of COVID-19 among residential undergraduate students in isolation on campus. We have two residential undergraduate students who have tested positive and are in isolation at home. We have 19 residential undergraduate students in quarantine on campus and 12 residential undergraduate students in quarantine at home.  

There are no commuter/graduate students with COVID-19 in isolation at home, but there are five in quarantine at home.

Students with questions regarding classroom attendance or other student support while in isolation or quarantine should contact Dean of Students, Lesley Villarose, at [email protected]create new email.

Among our faculty there is one positive case of COVID-19 currently hospitalized.  We have no staff members positive with COVID-19 in isolation at home. We have one faculty/staff member in quarantine at home.

On Campus

It is very important to remember that if you have symptoms you must report them immediately.  Do NOT come to campus with symptoms.

Faculty and staff with active symptoms, or actual/potential exposure to COVID-19, should notify their supervisor immediately, and their supervisor will then notify David Wacaster (704-406-3235), Barry Lane (704-406-2266) and Human Resources—Eric Plemmons (704-406-4259). Faculty may also use [email protected]create new email for any questions or concerns you may have regarding quarantine dates for your students.

Remember that all employees are allowed a maximum of 10 days of paid leave if they are confirmed to have COVID-19 or are required to quarantine or isolate due to contact tracing or while awaiting test results.

If you are a residential student and develop any COVID symptoms, contact [email protected]create new email or call (610-322-7265). If you are a commuter, graduate or doctoral student and you develop COVID symptoms, you can contact Barry Lane [email protected]create new email  or (704-297-6988).        


Vaccinations are being handled primarily through insurance providers or county health organizations. The University is not involved in determining those processes. However, when the University receives updates about vaccine events or scheduling, we will share the information with our faculty, staff and students. To make sure you receive the information, you need to have current emergency contact information on file. Please take a moment to review or update your contact information via WebbConnect. To update your communications preferences, please utilize the Update Emergency Contact Information link found under the Maintain Information folder.

Stay safe and Mask Up, Bulldogs!

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