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We’re Ready to Welcome You Back!

The fall 2022 semester will be here soon and we’re all set to welcome everyone back to campus! COVID cases were rare on campus over the summer, with less severe variants accounting for the few we have seen. Given these current conditions and in keeping with the recommendations of public health authorities, we are able to adjust our polices accordingly.

Here are the updates and changes you need to know right now:

Returning students will not need to provide recent test results or proof of a past case of COVID. No special preparations are required for return to campus or for move-in, which begins July 31st and continues for various groups through August 15th. We will continue to recommend masks indoors in crowded situations, but they are not required. Free masks are available upon request at the Student Development Office in the Tucker Student Center.

Take Symptoms Seriously

Any student (undergraduate, commuter, or graduate) with COVID symptoms or questions, should contact Dean of Students Lesley Villarose immediately at [email protected] or at 704.406.2081. 

Residential students who test positive for COVID, regardless of symptoms, will be required to isolate on campus for the CDC-recommended time period; local students, however, may be sent home to isolate.  

Any residential student who becomes symptomatic will need to isolate in their room, report their symptoms, and make arrangements to be tested for COVID. If the test is positive, they will then be required to isolate in one of the campus isolation spaces or, if possible, return home for the isolation period. 

Faculty will not be required to provide online classes for students in isolation, but they will allow classwork to be made up at a later date, per policy.

If you are faculty or staff and you develop COVID symptoms, you should contact Barry Lane at [email protected] or at 704.297.6988.

Vaccinations and Boosters 

Gardner-Webb University does not presently require a COVID vaccine (or subsequent booster) of its faculty, staff or students, but consistent with the recommendations from North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services we are encouraging them.

There are several non-GWU locations nearby including drugstores, pharmacies and clinics where you can get vaccinated. If you want to get a vaccination off campus and need transportation, contact the Dean of Students, Lesley Villarose, at [email protected]. We’ll take you to get your vaccination or booster.

The Atrium Health Clinic on campus will continue to offer free testing for faculty, staff and students, subject to availability.

The University will continue to follow the recommendations of health care professionals as well as national, state and local health officials. We may alter our policy and practice accordingly in the future. 

Let’s get ready for an awesome fall semester, Runnin’ Bulldogs!

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