Faculty Awards

2022-2023 Excellence in Teaching Award

This years Excellence in Teaching award recipient is Dr. Yvonne Smith, Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing Practitioner Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Nursing.

The Excellence in Teaching award is presented each year to an exceptional faculty member who has shown academic rigor, effective course design, and dedication to students.  This faculty member must have at least five years of full-time teaching service at GWU.  Each faculty member selected for this prestigious award must be nominated by one of their peers and receive a recommendation from their Chair.  Faculty and Students are given the opportunity to score and leave comments and feedback to make the ultimate determination for the award.  This award also recognizes the faculty member who exemplifies through their life and teaching the motto and mission of Gardner-Webb.  The award is presented with a $1000 cash prize and the invitation to speak at Fall Convocation. 

This year’s award winner exemplifies the very nature of the mission and Motto of the University in her teaching and in her life.  She has been a devoted member of the Faculty since 2016.  During her tenure, she has been instrumental in cultivating a culture of caring among her colleagues and her students. She has won many awards including the President’s Early Career Award and the Faculty Mentor and Advising Award.  Both her colleagues and students view her as a compassionate mentor, dedicated to a life of serving others.

  • “You can see her passion for this subject and it is contagious.”
  • “She is a very nurturing instructor. She made me feel valued and important.”
  • “She is kind, compassionate, caring, resourceful, and a true treasure. She has been able to take a small idea and help me turn it into something meaningful and life changing. I am so thankful for her help and support throughout the hardest program I have ever done.”

This recipient is an expert in her field.  She has served as an expert reviewer for the Journal of Psychiatric Nurses of America since 2016 and reviewed multiple articles this past year. She holds multiple nursing certifications including certifications as a psychiatric mental health nurse, a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, a certified school nurse, and a certified nurse educator. She is also a member of seven professional nursing organizations.

In service to her community, she has used her professional expertise to serve as Guardian ad litem for youth in Caldwell County.

Her Colleagues quoted:

  • “She is the most eloquently spoken person- even in the midst of a controversial topic, I can depend on her to focus on the true issues at hand. The support she gives to her students and faculty peers is unwavering”
  • “It is obvious that she works each day with students as her top priority and always gives her very best. I know she meets with students all different hours of the day/night to help accommodate their busy work schedules.”
  • “I know that she has had to develop many courses as we build our program and I’m sure they are of the highest quality!”

Please help me congratulate this year’s Excellence in Teaching award recipient, Dr. Yvonne Smith, Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing Practitioner Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Nursing

Year Awarded Award Recipient
1976 Dr. Anthony Eastman
1977 Dr. Lonnie Proctor
1978 Dr. Charles Andrews
1979 Dr. Michael Harrelson
1981 Dr. Jim Taylor
1982 Dr. Gil Blackburn
1984 Dr. Dee Hunt
1985 Dr. Rick Wilson
1987 Dr. Charles Andrews
1988 Dr. Robert Morgan
1989 Dr. Ted Monroe
1990 Dr. Freida Brown
1991 Dr. Alice Cullinan
1992 Dr. Anthony Eastman
1993 Dr. Dee Hunt
1994 Dr. Barry Hambright
1995 Dr. Tom Jones
1996 Dr. Jack Partain
1997 Ms. Barbara Stansbury
1998 Dr. Anthony Negbenebor
1999 Dr. Carolyn Billings
2000 Dr. David Carscaddon
2001 Dr. Stephen Plate
2002 Dr. Gayle Price
2003 Dr. David Yelton
2004 Dr. Lucenda McKinney
2005 Dr. Tim Zehnder
2006 Dr. Sophia Steibel
2007 Dr. Tamara Cox
2008 Dr. Paula Qualls
2009 Dr. Matt Theado
2010 Dr. June Hobbs
2011 Dr. Janet Land
2012 Dr. Jim Morgan
2013 Dr. Ronald Williams
2014 Dr. Paul Etter
2015 Dr. Joseph Webb
2016 Dr. Benjamin Coates
2017 Mr. Robert Moore
2018 Mr. Jay Zimmer
2019 Dr. Bruce Moser
2020 Dr. Ben Brooks
2021 Dr. Abby Garlock
2022 Dr. Elizabeth Amato

Eric Johnson

2022-2023 Rising Star Award

This years year’s Faculty Rising Star award winner is Ms. Jessica Herndon, Instructor of Business Administration.  

This award is given to a full-time faculty member employed five or fewer years at Gardner-Webb. Eligible faculty demonstrate excellence, or promise of excellence, in scholarship, teaching, and service.

This year’s winner was nominated for her excellence in the classroom and service to the University. She continually goes above and beyond in tutoring and mentoring students.  She has updated courses and helped to restructure capstone courses.  She helps to host experiential learning days, works with students across campus in her business communications course, and assists students with career planning, thus working with students at the start and the end of their career at Gardner-Webb.

She serves her campus community as co-chair of the General Education committee and also serves as a member of the FDIIC.  She is a member of the Godbold College of Business Undergraduate Committee and the Chair of the Scholarship Committee.  She serves as the Faculty advisor for the Equestrian Club and is a key player in Quality Matters for the College of Business, offering advice and assistance to other faculty members.

  • Please join me in recognizing this year’s Faculty Rising Star award winner, Jessica Herndon, Instructor of Business Administration.

Year Awarded Award Recipient
2010-2011 Jennifer Buckner
2011-2012 Scott Shauf
2012-2013 Heather Hartsell
2013-2014 Chris Nelson & Sue Fair
2014-2015 Joseph Moore
2015-2016 Bruce Moser
2016-2017 Elizabeth Amato
2017-2018 Jennifer Putnam
2018-2019 Morgan Soja
2019-2020 Meredith Rowe
2020-2021 Mitch Porter
2021- 2022 Eric Johnson
Stefka Eddins

2022 -2023 Faculty Service Award

This years year’s Faculty Service Award winner is Dr. Jennifer Buckner, Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and Professor of English.  

This award encompasses any excellence in service to the University, a School, or a Department by a fulltime faculty member.

This year’s winner has been an asset to her colleagues across campus and in her department. She is a valued team member and faithfully serves her campus community with her leadership, innovation and inclusivity while being a shining example of service to her department and to her students.

She was instrumental in the review of Major requirements and how to prepare for the new General Education.  And she has served in many roles, including former department chair, interim Dean, and Associate Dean.  During her time in these leadership roles she helped her departments become more efficient, overcome obstacles, and advocated for necessary change.  .  Her attitude of service, approachable nature and her constant encouragement make her the ideal candidate for this award.


Please join me in recognizing this year’s Faculty Service Award winner, Dr. Jennifer Buckner, Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and Professor of English.

Year Awarded Award Recipient
2010-2011 Jeff Hartman
2011-2012 Freida Brown
2012-2013 Sharon Webb
2013-2014 Nancy Bottoms
2014-2015 Amanda Bridges
2016-2017 Sharon Webb
2017-2018 Natalie Bishop
2018-2019 Tracy Arnold
2019-2020 Elizabeth Amato
2020-2021 Dale Lamb
2021- 2022 Stefka Eddins

2022-2023 Mentoring and Academic Advising Award

This years year’s award winner is Dr. Christine Sutton, Instructor and RN-BSN Program Coordinator in the Hunt School of Nursing. 

This award encompass excellence in mentoring, advising, out-of-class support, encouragement, and collaboration on student research projects by a fulltime faculty member.

This year’s winner demonstrates constant commitment to mentoring students and faculty. She serves on a variety of committees, ensuring that all students and faculty have an advocate at Gardner-Webb. She meets with students almost daily during lunch breaks and after hours, proving to be instrumental in helping students with their professional growth.

She has mentored many students in pursuing higher levels of education in the Godbold College of Business. She has also been an integral part of streamlining the graduate programs, in organizing elements of the College and scheduling of programs.  The plan of actions that she has created have strengthened students’ ability to get to the proposal stage of their dissertations.  These plans have helped students and faculty who work with them to articulate a clear pathway to dissertation.

  • Please join me in recognizing this year’s award winner, Dr Christine Sutton, Associate Dean of the Godbold College of Business and Associate Professor of Business

Year Awarded Award Recipient
2010-2011 Sophia Steibel
2011-2012 Stefka Eddins
2012-2013 Mary Alice Hodge
2013-2014 Bob Bass
2014-2015 Joseph Oyugi
2016-2017 Sandy Mankins
2017-2018 Tracy Arnold
2018-2019 Eddie Stepp
2019-2020 Casey Delehanty
2020-2021 Yvonne Smith
2021- 2022 Tara Hayes

2022-2023 Nancy Francis-Gregg Day-Adjunct Award

This years year’s Nancy Francis-Gregg Day-Adjunct award winner, Dr. Jim Rennie

This award recognizes a traditional undergraduate program adjunct, who has made outstanding contributions to the teaching mission of Gardner-Webb University.

This year’s winner has faithfully served as an adjunct of Political Science since 2019. With a career in the military and government, he hopes to encourage students to broaden their horizons and consider opportunities in public service. His courses are carefully planned and often he utilizes guest speakers or brings in food from other countries.  He appreciates the mission and vision of Gardner-Webb as he notes, “I believe strongly that Christ’s followers should learn and practice critical thinking in order to engage in serving their surrounding environment.”  He also supports his students outside of the classroom by attending their sporting events, plays, and concerts.  Students have expressed that they are gaining more than just an education from him.  They feel as though they are gaining a mentor and life-long supporter of their dreams and future endeavors.

  • Please join me in recognizing this year’s Nancy Francis-Gregg Day-Adjunct award winner, Dr. Jim Rennie.

Year Awarded Award Recipient
2010-2011 Nan Francis
2013-2014 Nomine declined award
2014-2015 Russ Gribble
2016-2017 Betty Bennett
2017-2018 Lisa Cantrell
2018-2019 Jonathan Ahearn
2019-2020 Jennifer Bambrick
2020-2021 David Wulfeck
2021- 2022 Danny Stedman

2022-2023 Scholarship Faculty Award

This year’s Scholarship Faculty award winner,  Dr. David Yelton

This award includes excellence in research and/or scholarly contribution to a field by a fulltime faculty member

This year’s winner has served the University as a full-time faculty member for over 30 years.  He has served the campus community in many facets including faculty committees, chair of the department and Associate Provost.  He has remained an active scholar in the field of German history and is well-known in his field for his research on the German Volkstrum,, a militia organization founded in the fall of 1944 and organized by the Nazi Party.  His research has shown that the militia was a part of a strategy based on National Socialist ideology that sought to prolong the war. His work, once published and presented, became the accepted interpretation of both the Volkstrum and the broader Nazi war-fighting strategy, prompting further inquiry and dialog.  He has a long history of scholarly research and has been published many times.  In addition, he won the Vanderbort Prize in 2020 for an article addressing a highly debated historical issue examining the political involvement of members of the German armed forces.  The Vandervolt Prize is a national award for an outstanding article published in the Journal of Military History.

  • Please join me in recognizing this year’s Faculty Scholarship award winner, David Yelton.

Year Awarded Award Recipient
2010-2011 Don Caudill
2011-2012 Charles Moore
2012-2013 Tim Vanderburg
2013-2014 Rei Serafica
2014-2015 Joseph Webb
2016-2017 David Campbell
2017-2018 Gayle Casterline
2018-2019 Candice Rome
2019-2020 Tim Hudson
2020-2021 Aihua Zhang
2021- 2022 No nominations

2022 -2023 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Awards

Graduate Full-Time Faculty Award

This years year’s Outstanding Graduate Full-Time Faculty award winner is, Allison Shamblin 

This award recognizes a full-time graduate program faculty, who has made outstanding contributions to the teaching mission of Gardner-Webb University.

The Graduate Full-Time Faculty Award winner is Allison Shamblin from the Physician Assistant Studies program within the College of Health Sciences. Professor Shamblin brought experience in multiple aspects of medicine when she joined the faculty in 2022 after serving as a guest lecturer for the GWU program since 2014.  She is known for models and drawings to support learning. She has a dry-erase board and diagrams outside her office door to encourage student engagement and learning reinforcement outside the classroom.

In addition to her experience, skills, knowledge, and ability to teach challenging content, she is known for integrating our Christian faith in her work with students. A nominating student said, “Professor Shamblin is an outstanding faculty member. She is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Professor Shamblin goes beyond academics; she meets with students, offers wisdom, and prays with us. We are blessed to have a professor like Professor Shamblin in our PA Graduate Program.”

Join me now in congratulating and thanking Professor Allison Shamblin for her work supporting graduate students and for sharing her expertise with faculty colleagues.

Year Awarded Award Recipient
2021 -2022 Dr. Laura Carscaddon

Graduate Adjunct Award

This years year’s Outstanding Graduate Adjunct Faculty award winner is, Dr. Kathy Revis

This award recognizes a graduate program adjunct, who has made outstanding contributions to the teaching mission of Gardner-Webb University.

The Gayle Bolt Price School of Graduate Studies is blessed to include outstanding full-time and adjunct graduate faculty who inspire a love of learning, service, and leadership for students in their fields.  It was a joy to read the nominations and be reminded of the impact faculty make in their students’ personal and professional lives.

The winner of the Adjunct Graduate Faculty Award is Dr. Kathy Revis. Dr. Revis serves Gardner-Webb as an adjunct professor in the Master of School Administration and the EdD in Educational Leadership programs within the College of Education. This past February, she was inducted into the Henderson County Education Hall of Fame for her leadership in public education as assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction. A student who nominated her stated: “Dr. Kathy Revis provides a level of leadership that is rare. Her level of knowledge, background, and experience is evident in her approach to assuring fair and equitable instructional guidance to everyone.”

Dr. Dale Lamb, MSA program coordinator, accepts this award on her behalf.

Year Awarded Award Recipient
2005 Dr. David Carscaddon – Psychology and Counseling
2006 Dr. Vicky Ratchford – Education
2007 Dr. Laura Williams Smith –
2008 Dr. Kathy Lindsey – Nursing
2009 Dr. Faith Weathington – Psychology and Counseling
2010 Dr. Jane King – Education
2011 Dr. David Shellman – Education
2012 2012 – Dr. Frieda Brown – Psychology and Counseling
2013 Dr. Sydney Brown – Education
2014 Dr. Reimund Serafica – Nursing
2015 Dr. Linda Greene – Psychology and Counseling
2016 Dr. Earl Godfrey – Business
2017 Dr. Jennifer Buckner – English
2018 Dr. Nancy Winker – PA
2019 Dr. Yvonne Smith – Nursing
2020 Dr. Steve Stone – Education
2021 Dr. Kathy C. Williams – Nursing
2022 Dr. Sara Newell – EdD

Both award winners will present during the Online Faculty Professional Learning Program on August 10 from 4-6 pm.

New Faculty Bios 2023

Dr. Robert Prickett is Professor and Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. From 2010 to 2022, he was associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences and professor of English education at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C. He has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, English education and a Master of Arts in English from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. He also earned a Master of Arts in Secondary, Higher, and Foundations of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Journalism, Newspaper-Editorial from Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. His interests include popular culture, golf, travel, food and podcasts.

Matthew “Blake” Lineberger joins Gardner-Webb this fall as Assistant Professor and Department Chair of Health, Sport and Physical Education.  He has taught physical education at the elementary, middle, and high school levels including coaching High School soccer.  His experience includes faculty appointments at The University of South Carolina, Charleston Southern University and the College of Charleston.  He holds his PhD in Physical Education from The University of South Carolina, and his MA in Health Education from East Carolina University.  When not teaching he enjoys playing beach volleyball, attending church and doing anything on the water. He spent this past summer learning to fly planes.

Robert “RJ” Quillinan joined the faculty of the Godbold College of Business in Spring 2023.  RJ earned his Juris Doctor from Charleston School of Law, his MBA from the Citadel, and a BS in Finance from University of Colorado, Boulder.  He spent seven (7) years serving in a variety of capacities at the Charleston School of Law, in Charleston, SC.  He also served as an adjunct professor for the College of Charleston – teaching Business Law and Business Ethics. His career began in Venture Capital/Private Equity – focusing on corporate mergers and strategic buyouts. He also has experience in general construction management and legal representation and operating a boutique law firm focused on higher education compliance, corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, and contract negotiation. When not on campus Dr. Quillinan enjoys: working in his woodshop, cooking for his family, reading novels, golfing, and spending time with his wife (Emily) and three-year old daughter (Magnolia Rand.)

Josh Vadeboncoeur joins Gardner-Webb University this fall as Assistant Professor of Sport Management.  Josh holds his PhD in Health and Human Performance, his Master of Science in Sport management, and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Florida.  He joins us most recently from the University of North Carolina, Asheville.  Josh enjoys fishing, collecting antique sports memorabilia, and frequenting local stock car racing venues – both as a fan and academic observer. Josh lives in Canton, NC (just outside of Asheville) with his lovely wife, Jessica, and their rambunctious coonhound, Duke. Josh and his wife look forward to a lively in-house rivalry, as she is a faculty member at Western Carolina – Go Bulldogs!

Trey is the associate director of Clinical Education for the Department of Physician Assistant (PA) Studies. He was previously employed as director of Postgraduate Medicine for the College of Health Sciences at the University of Lynchburg, Va. He has also served as director of Clinical Education at Presbyterian College – Department of PA Studies. He was the PA Faculty Attending/Provider at the Free Clinic of Central Virginia and the Shepherd Free Clinic. He also has experience in orthopedic surgery. He has a Doctor of Medical Science, Medical Education & Leadership; a Master of Science in Medicine, PA Medicine; and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with honors. He enjoys cooking, watching sports, playing with his children, and hiking

Emily joined Gardner-Webb in January as an instructor in the Hunt School of Nursing and Clinical Coordinator for Nursing.  Emily moves to academics from a 10-year career in Nursing.  She received her BSN from Queens University of Charlotte.  She states “Moving to academics from the healthcare field has been an adventure, but one that I welcome openly and with lots of prayer.” In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two sons and husband.  She also enjoys photography, singing in the choir at church, and kayaking.

Brett joined the Faculty in May as Assistant Professor and Principal Faculty for the PA Studies Program.  He is a GWU alumnus both in his undergrad and MPAS. He has 10 years of professional experience in the healthcare field, specializing in emergency medicine. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking and spending time with friends and family.

Dr. Simone McIntyre is a dually licensed mental health and addictions therapist in North and South Carolina.  She joins Gardner-Webb this Fall as Assistant Professor in the Department of Counselor Education.  She has worked in the field in various capacities since 2002 and strives to improve lives and strengthen communities through education and empowerment.  She earned her PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Dr. McIntyre is a wife and mother of four. She is also a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated and her favorite quote is by Audrey Hepburn, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible”.

Elizabeth Piro joined the faculty as Instructor in the Hunt School of Nursing in January.  She holds her masters of nursing education from Pensacola Christian, College in Pensacola, Florida. She started her career in the nursing faculty at Pensacola, and has professional experience with Atrium Health Cleveland in Shelby, North Carolina as a progressive care unit registered nurse and Charge Nurse.  She has been enjoying exploring the local area with her husband, Marco, and her golden doodle, Cannoli.

Dr. Stephens joined the Hunt School of Nursing in January as Associate Professor.  She is a native of South Carolina and has over 30 years of nursing experience.  Dr. Stephens began her health care career as a social worker. Her nursing journey began as an EKG Tech and culminated with a doctorate in nursing practice from Union University.  She was a founding faculty member at the Anderson University School of Nursing and has been an adjunct professor and preceptor for several universities.  Dr. Stephens is dual certified by the ANCC as a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.  In 2016 she joined the staff at Spartanburg Regional in the Behavioral Health Units, where she remains active on health care staff.  She is married to Dr. Don Berry a tenured professor at Gardner Webb. Together they have 4 daughters, 10 grandchildren and a very spoiled Goldendoodle named Pippa.

2021-2022 Outstanding Degree Completion Program (DCP) Faculty Awards

DCP Full-Time Faculty Award

This years year’s Outstanding DCP Full-time Faculty award winner is, Joey Lord

This award recognizes a full-time DCP program faculty, who has made outstanding contributions to the teaching mission of Gardner-Webb University.

Lord is an assistant professor in the College of Education. Her nominator said that she is loved by her students and is patient, caring and kind. The nominator continued that Lord is willing to take on any task with a positive disposition and is a joy to work with. Her students reported that her course is organized well, and she is available to help when needed.

Year Awarded Award Recipient
2002 Dr. Matt Theado, English
2003 Mike Schau, Business
2004 Dr. Jim Johnson, Mathematics
2005 Dr. Tony Eastman, Social Science
2006 Dr. Gene Carpenter, Psychology
2007 Dr. Ron Williams, Religious Studies
2008 Dr. Earl Godfrey, Business
2009 Bobbie Cox, Social Science
2010 Dr. Sue Camp, Business
2011 Dr. Van Graham, Business
2012 Tammy Hoyle, Math
2013 Dr. Joe Collins, Religion
2014 Dr. Robert J. Bass, Math
2015 Dr. Jason Willis, Math
2016 Dr. Tracy Arnold, Nursing
2017 Dr. Francis Kim, Business
2018 Dr. Lori Nanney, Education
2019 Nicole Beaver, Nursing
2020 Teralea Moore, Math
2021 Angelina Smith, Business

DCP Adjunct Award

This years year’s Outstanding DCP Adjunct Faculty award winner is, Ashleigh Church

This award recognizes an Adjunct DCP program faculty, who has made outstanding contributions to the teaching mission of Gardner-Webb University.

Church’s nominator said that she was a valuable member of the Human Services team. The person noted that she consistently works to improve on her coursework and engagement with her students, and she utilizes her real world experience as a practitioner to bring depth of knowledge to the classroom. The students said that she is one of the best professors in the program, gives constructive feedback and has prepared them to start their career.

Year Awarded Award Recipient
2002 Jeff Penley, Business
2003 Allen Romeo, Psychology
2004 Russ Meade, Business
2005 Gene Richard, Business
2006 Virginia Morgan, Nat. Science/Math
2007 Dr. James Morgan, Psychology
2008 Jason Lineberger, English
2009 Homer Craig, Social Science
2010 Dick Carmichael, Business
2011 Nancy Boling, Psychology
2012 Van Morrow, Psychology
2013 Bill McCall, Religion
2014 Lewis W. Edwards, Social Science
2015 Rory P. Hefner, Math
2016 Steve Hearne, Religious Studies
2017 Kimberly Miller, Human Services
2018 “Bobby Brown, Criminal Justice
Darin Spencer, Business”
2019 Carol Zordano, Human Services
2020 Phil Slater, Business
2021 Andrew Bradshaw, Human Services