The GWU Staff Council

Staff Council Purpose

The purpose of the Staff Council is to represent all employees at Gardner-Webb University below the rank of Vice President who do not have faculty contract.  The Staff Council’s mission is to serve the interests and needs of the Gardner-Webb University staff pertaining to their daily activities and work conditions as they strive to support the University’s goal of providing quality higher education. Toward this effort, the Staff Council promotes understanding and cooperation by facilitating communication among campus constituencies, and by serving as an advocate to the administration for staff issues which affect them. In our efforts to enhance the quality of the Gardner-Webb University work environment, the Staff Council provides leadership and support to work together with all members of the University to enrich community spirit.

Staff Council Officers

Executive Officers: January 2019-January 2021


Stacy Simmons
Associate Minister for Pastoral Care
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(704) 406-2176
Drew Powell
Business Service Manager
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(704) 406-2391


Leah Clevenger
Director of Alumni Relations
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(704) 406-2251

Staff Council Representatives

January 2020 – January 2022

Sandra Earl
Administrative Assistant for Marketing
(704) 406-4238
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Tripp Hastings
Athletic Trainer
(704) 406-3846
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Jennifer McSwain
Data specialist for Digital Learning Enrollment
(704) 406-4644
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Edwina Rozelle
Director of Student Persistence and Success Coach
(704) 406-2385
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January 2019 – January 2021

Stephanie Allen
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(704) 406-2177
Eugene Dodson
Electrical/Maintenance Technician
(704) 406-4330
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Susan Jenkins
Clinical site specialist CHS
(704) 406-2551
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Shannon Owens
Senior Assistant Director of Financial Planning
(704) 406-3244
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Marc Rabb
Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations
(704) 406-4355
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Stephanie Stearns
Executive Assistant to the President
(704) 406-4236
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Dr. Elizabeth Pack
Dean of Degree Completion Program
(704) 406-2173
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Lou Ann Scates
Registrar Services
(704) 406-4263
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