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United Way of Cleveland County

Community Caring and Sharing

Together we are “United For A Better Tomorrow”

The United Way of Cleveland County helps people by uniting resources and programs to responsibly meet the needs of our community.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$40,000Raised $32,758 towards the $40,000 target.$32,758Raised $32,758 towards the $40,000 target.

How can I help?

Invest in the Community impact Fund through our annual campaign.

A donation to United Way of Cleveland County will be supporting critical programs that improve the lives and conditions of the people in our community. Your gift supports education, food access, healthy aging, and emergency services here in Cleveland County.

In 2019 we raised $36,194.92.

This year, our goal is $40,000 with 40% participation.

*As of November 11, 2020, we have raised $32,757.72 with 36.2% participation.

What does the United Way do?

What we do can be simplified into three basic categories:

Raise Money.

The United Way of Cleveland County raises money through their annual campaign. Whether this be through employee campaigns, individual gifts, or corporate giving.

In 2018 the United Way of Cleveland County raised $1,266,000.

Account for It.

The United Way of Cleveland County is very responsible with our donations. Each agency that receives United Way funding is carefully reviewed by volunteers to make sure that United Way dollars are making a difference.

Give It Away.

30 Programs housed within 27 Agencies here in Cleveland County will receive United Way funding in 2018. 88¢ of every $1 raised goes directly to our agencies.

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Why should I donate through a United Way Campaign?

  • Local – Our organization is not nationally, but locally governed by community volunteers and leaders.
  • Impact – Our agencies provided services to more than 40,000 people in Cleveland County in 2017.
  • Payroll Deduction – Through payroll deduction everyone has the opportunity to give in an easy way.
  • Accountable – Our agencies are reviewed annually to ensure that they are spending donated dollars wisely.
  • Efficient – The United Way of Cleveland County has a 12.3% overhead. Far below the average for charities.
female students graduating

The United Way supports programs that
are preparing our students. Whether it be
by helping them graduate, enter the
workforce or enroll in college.

helping the elderly

As the population of older adult’s increase,
services for those people should as well.
United Way makes sure that the needs of
all demographics of our population are
being addressed.

family at home

Unstable living conditions lead to unemployable people and can continue the cycle of poverty. United Way programs are working to end that cycle.

access to healthcare

Physical and Mental Health are both key to a productive society. Our agencies are working to increase access to healthcare and to break the stigma of mental health in Cleveland County.

Ways to give

We offer a variety of options to donate to your community, find out which option is best for you.

To authorize an automatic deduction from your paycheck, or to be billed for a specific amount:

  1. Print the Donor Information Form.
  2. Complete and sign the document.
  3. Choose your method of payment.

The completed document can be submitted to Human Resource through multiple methods:

  1. Drop off pledge form in the basket located on the table in front of the HR/Payroll Suite in 103 Webb Hall
  2. Send through Campus Mail (not advisable if cash is included) to the attention of Frances Sizemore, Human Resources, at 103 Webb Hall
  3. Send pledge form as email attachment to [email protected]create new email
  4. For those who are off campus, the pledge forms can be mailed to:

Ms. Frances Sizemore
Office of Human Resources
Gardner-Webb University
P.O. Box 997
Boiling Springs, NC 28017

Sign Up and Take Action.