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March Newsletter: School of Divinity

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Hello, SOD Alums!

Just a few words of greeting from and about your School of Divinity. We’ve been working hard to continue to make our ministry-related degrees possible for current and new students (you may have someone in your network who comes to mind). We recently launched the MABT degree (Master of Arts in Bible and Theology) for persons not interested in becoming the senior minister, but those interested in assisting the church in support roles.

We came to this decision after repeated questions by people and churches that need greater expertise in Bible and Theology, but not necessarily in the practical aspects of ministry like that which the senior minister provides. This program has both face-to-face and online options. The Keesee Education Fund provides financial assistance to qualified Baptist students who do their courses in a non-online format.

Also, we have a new Director of Admissions, Amanda Lemmonds ([email protected]) who is doing an outstanding job connecting with prospective students and helping with current students. Email her (or me) so that we can stay connected.


Robert Canoy

  • Dr. Robert Canoy

    Dean, School of Divinity Professor of Theology

    (704) 406-4395

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