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March Newsletter: College of Arts & Sciences

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There’s a scene in my favorite James Bond film, 2006’s Casino Royale, where Daniel Craig’s James Bond is sitting in a casino playing poker against the bad guy, Le Chiffre. At the height of the tension in the poker tournament, James pushes all his chips into the middle of the table declaring, “ALL IN” to audible gasps from the audience.

I’ve been at Gardner-Webb as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences for exactly 8 days as of the writing of this introduction to the newsletter. So, let me first tell you how excited I am about joining this great university and amazing college. The students, staff, and faculty here are simply tremendous and have truly been the bright spot of each day on campus thus far. I look forward to many opportunities to getting to know you, as alumni, and working with you in the future as well. If you’d like read a little about my past experiences and background, please see the University’s announcement: (but I’d rather use my space here writing about James Bond, GWU College of Arts & Sciences, and you than rehashing my past).

Just like James, I always encourage any student group that I interact with to go ALL IN on the vast experiences that college has to offer. As an alumnus, I want to implore you to do the same – continue to go ALL IN with Gardner-Webb and the College of Arts & Sciences. Now, I recognize that some of you just discovered that you were an alumnus of the College of Arts & Sciences upon receipt of this newsletter – that’s not a shocker. With a such a varied set of departments within the college – from Communication, Art, & Design to Music to Public Service to Natural Sciences to World Languages, Literature & Culture (as well as 6 other departments) – it’s easy to miss the college identifier.

So, let me officially welcome you (in case you haven’t been before) as an alumnus of the College of Arts & Sciences and again, encourage you to go ALL IN with us. In the weeks and months ahead, you will not only be receiving these newsletters highlighting the wonderful work of our current students, faculty, and staff but be given even more ways to get involved as alumni – volunteering time in classes, donating funds for projects, attending on-campus events, or mentoring students in professions, etc. What causes do you care about? How can we go ALL IN for Gardner-Webb University and the College of Arts & Sciences together? Let’s find out. Let’s push those chips into the center of the table and, like James, declare, “ALL IN!”

Please never hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to it.

In anticipation and excitement,


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  • Robert Pricket

    Dr. Robert Prickett

    Professor and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

    (704) 406-4240

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