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Online Graduate Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

2024-2025 Tuition and Fees

Tuition is charged by the credit hour and each class offered in the Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Doctor of Education programs are three (3) hour classes. Part-time students are enrolled in three (3) or six (6) credit hours or one (1) or two (2) classes respectively. Full-time students are enrolled in at least nine (9) credit hours, or three (3) classes, or more. The average full-time student is enrolled in twelve (12) credit hours.

Keep in mind that your program of study may also require additional fees as described below.

Gardner-Webb University Online Graduate Programs: 2024-25 Academic Year

Fee DescriptionCost Per Credit Hour
Traditional Graduate Program$615
Master of Science in Nursing$590
Master of Business Administration$615
International Business Administration$665
Master of Accountancy$665
Sports Management Program$615
Digital Learning Fee (per term)$75

10-month MBA Program: 2024-25 Academic Year

Fee DescriptionCost Per Credit Hour
Digital Learning Fee (per term)$75

Doctoral Programs: 2024-25 Academic Year

Fee DescriptionCost Per Credit Hour
Doctor of Business Administration$955
Doctor of Education$620
Digital Learning Fee (per term)$75

Payment Options – Graduate

Welcome to Gardner-Webb University Online. We are honored that you have chosen GWU to further your education and offer this synopsis of financial information to aid the transition into your studies.

Each semester the Gardner-Webb University Student Accounts Office will provide an online bill for each student detailing charges (tuition, fees, etc.) and anticipated credits (grants, loans, etc.). For students who are registered, the GWU online bill generally becomes available for review about three weeks prior to the first class of the semester. Later registrants may expect to see an online bill within a matter of days of enrollment. After reviewing the bill, questions regarding charges should be directed to the Student Accounts Office at (704) 406-4287; questions regarding financial aid should be directed to the Financial Planning Office at (704) 406-4243.

Please note: The deadline for making payment in full, or for completing all requirements for financial aid or a deferred payment plan, will always occur at the beginning of the semester by the end of the first full week of classes. The actual due date will be provided via the online bill each semester.

Want to know more about payment methods, payment plans and accessing your bill online?