Undergraduate Marketing Programs

Develop approaches for problem-solving using critical thinking and today’s technology.

A Bachelor of Science in Marketing will equip you with an understanding of the concepts of promoting a company’s brand, increasing sales and driving awareness to help an organization succeed, while also providing professional experience through a business internship.


What You’ll Learn

When you graduate with a Marketing degree, you will be prepared to lead and support marketing efforts at businesses and non-profit organizations, helping communicate their message and achieve their goals.

In addition to marketing-specific courses, you will develop a firm grasp of a variety of business disciplines, including accounting, finance, management, and economics.

Coupled with classroom studies rooted in Christian ethics, your program will allow you to put your learning into practice, explore career interests and make rewarding professional contacts through an internship.

Available Programs

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

In addition to the University’s required general education and prerequisites, the Bachelor of Science in Marketing includes 36 credit hours in Broyhill Undergraduate School of Management core business courses, as well as 24 hours of Marketing coursework.

For a more in-depth look at program requirements, visit our Academic Catalog.

Marketing Minor

The Broyhill School of Management offers a minor in Marketing, which requires 18 credit hours of coursework.

For a more in-depth look at minor requirements, visit our Academic Catalog.

Accelerated Master of Business Administration

The Accelerated Master of Business Administration (MBA) program allows undergraduate Gardner-Webb students to begin work in the MBA program while completing their bachelor’s degree.  

Qualified students may apply for admission to the Accelerated MBA during their junior year (or after 60 credit hours). If accepted, students can take up to six credit hours of graduate coursework to apply toward their MBA degree and earn combination credit for these hours at the undergraduate level. 

Courses in this program are taught online in eight-week terms to increase flexibility.  


What You’ll Do

With a degree in Marketing, you will gain a flexible skillset that will be valuable for an array of careers, including

  • account management
  • nonprofit management
  • real estate
  • retail
  • customer service
  • commercial lending
  • bank branch management
  • marketing research firms
  • brand management firms
  • consulting

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