Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Business Administration Dual Degree

Combine your nursing leadership with a working knowledge of business and managerial skills to offer expertise within a wide range of healthcare settings.

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of advanced nursing practice and critical- thinking skills needed to solve problems, identify opportunities and make dependable decisions within healthcare settings using business concepts.


What You’ll Learn

The 60-hour dual MSN/MBA degree program is designed for nurse professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of advanced nursing practice and the critical thinking skills needed to solve problems, identify opportunities and make dependable decisions within health settings using the business concepts embodied in the disciplines of finance, economics, operations, marketing and management.

Additional information, including specific courses and their corresponding credit hours, is available in the Academic Catalog.

Available Programs

Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Business Administration Dual Degree

If a person has already completed the MBA degree and wants an MSN/MBA degree he/she must complete the fifteen hours of the MSN core, six hours of the Nursing Administration Concentration and twelve hours of the Capstone Experience.

If a student has an MSN degree in Nursing Administration and wants an MSN/MBA degree, he/she must complete 30-36 hours of the MBA core component.


What You’ll Do

In the dual MSN/MBA program, you will achieve the learning outcomes for each of the degree programs.

In the MSN program, you will learn to:

  • Integrate interdisciplinary research and strategies to improve nursing practice, promote health, and prevent disease.
  • Analyze current issues impacting diverse client populations, health care, and nursing practice, with an emphasis on identifying and implementing strategies for enhancement or resolution.
  • Apply knowledge, concepts, strategies, and evidence-based research findings to enhance nursing across the continuum of healthcare settings.
  • Synthesize interdisciplinary knowledge to facilitate application in an advanced specialty role.
  • Professionally collaborate and communicate within the healthcare environment to foster environments for improved outcomes.
  • Demonstrate achievement of role specific competencies for the advanced specialty role.

In the MBA program, you will learn to:

  • Adapt yourself in advanced professional career positions in business, government, and other areas of human endeavor where organizational, managerial, and analytical skills in business administration are vital for success;
  • Acquire new advanced managerial skills in business administration that require advanced knowledge of computerized technology applications in business; and
  • Respond to complex changes in business administration in a dynamic, global marketplace and demonstrate high Christian ethical standards in their place of work.

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