We realize that sometimes life prevents faculty from being on-campus during a scheduled class time. The Division of Student Success offers “While You Were Out” workshops to provide in-class activities for students during a faculty absence. These workshops are intended to provide students with support as they prepare for their college and professional careers. 

To schedule a “While You Were Out” session, faculty should complete the attached form at least two-weeks prior to the date needing coverage. This allows time for the Division of Student Success to contact the relevant department and verify availability. 

Below are the workshops offered: 

  • “Make It Stick” – Division of Student Success 
    • A 45 min. session focused on providing students with resources to help them succeed in studying and preparing for tests. Introduction to study habits such as interleaving, self-quizzing, and spacing studies. 
    • 25 students or less. 
  • “Reading Scholarly Articles 101” – John R. Dover Memorial Library 
    • Students often struggle to read, understand, and synthesize scholarly articles – a genre and writing style that is new and unfamiliar to our students. This workshop style session focuses on practical reading strategies for scholarly literature, including how to annotate and make connections across readings.  
    • 25 students or less.  
  • “University Archives” – John R. Dover Memorial Library 
    • Introduction to Gardner-Webb’s University Archive Collections. This session can focus on institutional history, digital preservation, research with primary sources, or a historical objects tour.  
    • Up to 10 students 
  • “3D Printing & Scanning” – John R. Dover Memorial Library 
    • Students can get a crash course in 3D printing and scanning in the library’s 3D lab. This session will focus on how to research 3D patterns, how to use the hardware, and how to manage a 3D print job.  
    • 10 students or less.  
  • “Podcasting 101” – John R. Dover Memorial Library 
    • Students can get a crash course in how to get started with producing their own podcast. This session will focus on how to book the library’s podcasting studio, how to use the recording equipment, and basic editing.   
    • 12 students or less.   
  • “Copyright and Credibility 101” – John R. Dover Memorial Library 
    • Students struggle to understand the value of copyright and finding credible sources due to the constant flow of information through social media and 24-hour news cycles. The rise of AI tools has also added some ethics concerns to the mix due to their ability to create text and images. This session will cover the basics of copyright and the importance of citing information such as images, videos, social media posts, and even AI generators in an age of information overload. 
    • 25 students or less. 
  • “Elevator Pitch”- Center for Personal and Professional Development 
    • This presentation shares with students how to articulate themselves simply and professionally in under a minute to share their story with future employers. We tap into their creative side by having them create a personal brochure to highlight their strengths, identify skills needed, and much more. This workshop is intended for all students. 
  • “Faith and Spiritual Health”– Christian Life and Service 
    • A presentation/discussion about the importance of developing and maintaining faith while at GW 
  • “Stress Management Techniques”– Counseling Services 
    • Assist students in developing appropriate stress management techniques and coping skills. 
  • “What you need to know when communicating with your professor”– Academic Advising 
    • Communicating techniques to use with your professor