The Office of Christian Life and Service is committed to the spiritual growth of the University community.  To encourage and challenge the University community in their Christian growth, the Christian Life and Service staff:

  • Offers pastoral care to students, faculty, administration and staff.
  • Serves as advisers to student ministry organizations on campus.
  • Coordinates Dimensions and the planning of worship services held for the University community.
  • Provides vocational counseling and referral service to students interested in church related vocations.
  • Assists students in finding a place of worship as they seek a family of faith with which to affiliate.

The Office of Christian Life and Service provides numerous opportunities for the spiritual development of each student.  Through ministry organizations, students are encouraged and challenged in personal discipleship, corporate worship, and life-changing ministry and mission experiences.

Contact the Office of Christian Life and Service

  • Teresa Davis

    Teresa Davis

    Administrative Assistant to the Office of Christian Life and Service

    (704) 406-4277

  • Josh Parrot

    Dr. Josh Parrott

    Vice President and University Chaplain for Christian Life and Service

    (704) 406-4279

  • Neal Payne

    Assoc. Minister to University for Student Ministries

    (704) 406-4278

  • Stacy Simmons

    Associate Minister to the University for Pastoral Care

    (704) 406-2176