Registration in the University is considered a contract binding the student for charges for the entire semester. However, it is the policy of Gardner-Webb University to give pro-rata charge reductions through 60% of the enrollment period in the event a student officially withdraws from school.

The Complete Withdrawal Form should be completed electronically and may be accessed through the Registrar Services page on the Gardner-Webb University website.  A confirmation will be sent when the withdrawal is complete. The withdrawal date is the date this process begins. Reductions will be computed on total charges for tuition and room.  Reduction in board plan charges will be computed on the total cost of the board plans less the amount of Flex Dollars available with the plan.  There will be an additional charge reduction for any unused Flex Dollars.

Students leaving school for disciplinary reasons will not be eligible for any reduction and will be liable for the entire semester charges.  Students who withdraw from individual classes after the drop/add period will not receive a charge reduction.  For purposes of interpreting this policy the pro-rata charge reduction percentage is equal to the number of calendar days (including weekends) remaining in the semester divided by the number of calendar days in the semester. No charge reduction will be given after the 60% period of enrollment for the semester.

When a student’s charges are reduced, Federal, State, Institutional and Non-Institutional Aid will be adjusted in accordance with the regulations governing the respective programs. Please contact the Financial Planning Office for current regulations concerning these programs. Leaving the University without officially withdrawing may result in a student forfeiting all financial aid and, thus, becoming responsible for the entire balance.