University Police Department

ARC-PA 5th ed Standard A1.02g

The University Police Department is a multi-functional service agency dedicated to protecting the university community through local, state, and federal laws. Crime prevention and campus safety are shared responsibilities that require the cooperation and involvement of students and employees alongside the full-time officers who have been certified by the N.C. Attorney General’s Office. Officers patrol the entire campus on foot, on Segway, and in marked/unmarked University Police vehicles. The University Police Department is located in the Poston Center and operates on a 365 day, 24-hour basis.

On-campus services include but are not limited to:

  • Critical Incident Plan
  • Emergency Alerts (strategically located alert poles on campus and available opt-in emergency texting)
  • Traffic Control
  • Engraving Personal Property
  • Educational Seminars
  • A 24-hour Emergency Number (704) 406-4444
  • Emergency Vehicle Services (entry service for lock-outs and jump-starts)
  • Safety Escort Service on Campus
  • Campus Watch
  • Parking Information and Enforcement

In an off-site emergency, students should call 911 or contact local law enforcement if a non-emergent need exists.
Campus Safety Tips are available on the GWU Police Services webpage

GWU Parking Decal Renewal

All students are responsible for renewing their campus parking decal annually in the fall semester. Step 1 is the completion of the renewal form, which is available on WebbConnect. Once the form is submitted, the decal can be picked up from Campus Police within 24-48 hours.

NOTE: Being a clinical student in remote SCPEs does not excuse students from this process. Completion of the renewal form is mandatory. If you require assistance with picking up the decal, please notify the program.

Emergency Communication

In the event of an emergency, a notification will begin as quickly as possible. Cell-phone users can receive text messages in the event of an emergency by signing up via WebbConnect. The messages will be brief and will be activated by the University Police Department. All campus email users will also receive short email messages regarding the emergency. Further information will be posted online when it becomes available.

The University has determined that the following situations may require sending emergency messages:

  • Imminent danger, including a major fire or shooting
  • Impending disaster, including an earthquake or flood
  • Severe weather, including tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings

Additionally, the system may be used to alert the campus of significant interruptions of campus operations, such as snow

To receive emergency alerts on your cell phone:

  • Log into WebbConnect with your user ID and password.
  • Click the Maintain Info tab.
  • Follow instructions.

For additional information regarding emergency procedures on campus, access the Emergency Response Guide.

Emergency Situations

  • Dial 911. The fastest, most direct way to obtain emergency assistance is to dial 911.
  • Remember…STAY CALM. Help others remain calm. When you are reporting an emergency, give concise, accurate answers to the 911 operator. Do not hang up until told to do so.
  • Direct someone to call x4444 (University Police) to alert officers that an emergency exists.
  • What the 911 operator will need to know first:
    • Location of emergency
    • Nature of the problem

The above procedures are to be used when reporting an emergency that requires an immediate response from Law
Enforcement or Emergency Medical Services.