Taking direction from the CDC and Cleveland County Public Health Department officials, the GWU PA Studies Program has established the following policy as guidance for clinical students to address Universal COVID-19 PPE for the student while in the clinical setting.

At all times in the clinical setting, students must follow the PPE guidelines and policies of the SCPE site. Best Practice recommendations are for students to wear a mask, eye protection, and face shield when caring for patients who are highly suspected of being COVID-19 positive.  The only exception is during times of eating/drinking.

Students who are not fully vaccinated and who do not comply with the UNIVERSAL COVID-19 PPE POLICY may be subject to quarantine per GWU Policies.

Please refer to Part VI – COVID-19 on page 56 for additional details regarding COVID-19.

GWU PA Studies best-practice Universal COVID-19 PPE recommendations include:

  • KN95 or N95 or P100 mask (properly fit tested) with a surgical mask over the top
    • To prolong the use of the KN95/N95 masks, it is suggested that the student wear a surgical mask over the top of the KN95/N95 mask or wear a face shield.
    • N95 is not required for every patient contact, but if used, a student must only wear N95 which they have been fit tested and approved to wear.
  • Eye protection (goggles) or face shield
  • Gloves
  • Follow guidelines for further PPE from the Clinical Site and Preceptor

Additional Recommendations:

  • Students are urged to wear clothing to clinical/SCPE sites that can be easily laundered in a standard washing machine.
  • Students should change clothing before leaving the facility, place “contaminated” clothing in a plastic bag, and place it in the car’s trunk, or at least away from the student.
  • The “contaminated” clothing should be laundered with hot water and detergent as soon as possible to limit any potential exposure to the student’s home or family.

Each student will complete Respirator Fit Testing in compliance with OSHA 1910.134 before starting the clinical year. The complete OSHA 1910.134 Respiratory Protection Guidelines Policy can be found on Blackboard and the training materials required for testing.