Prescription Writing Policy

The student may NOT individually prescribe any medications. The student has no authority or medical license to prescribe medications. However, the student may transcribe prescriptive information for the preceptor. The preceptor must sign all prescriptions – the student will not sign the prescription. Students may not carry, use a pre-signed prescription pad, or sign on behalf of the preceptor.

Confidentiality Policy & HIPAA

The student must respect the confidentiality of patients and fellow students.

The student is not permitted to:

  • Discuss any patients or fellow students by name or potentially identifying information outside the clinical or academic setting.
  • Post any patient information on any social media platform.
  • Discuss other students with preceptors.

All patient identifying data for academic presentations and assignments, including name, initials, date of birth, and facility where a patient is seen, must be excluded.

Policy for Caring for Faculty/Staff/Family Members

Faculty and staff deserve the right to privacy and should not care for any member of the GWU Department of PA studies in the clinical environment. Therefore, if the student notices a GWU PA program faculty or staff member on the patient schedule, the student must be excused from that patient experience.

In compliance with the North Carolina Medical Board Rules 32B.1001, 32S.0212, and 32M.0109, all GWU PA students are prohibited from caring for family members during the clinical year.

Policy for Use of Electronics

Use of cell phones/tablet devices and other personal technological devices while at the SCPE site is at the discretion of the preceptor and should be limited to course relevant medical applications, such as patient logging and reference review.