Inclement Weather Policy

Classes may still meet during inclement weather. If the weather is so bad that the University officially cancels class, this information will be accessible on the GWU website. This includes information on off-campus sites. A weather decision on evening classes is generally not made until after 3 p.m.

Students attending class at an off-site location are encouraged to sign up for the inclement weather or emergency notification system at the school, district, or community college where their class is meeting. In addition, if a class meeting is in question, look for an email from the course instructor.

The PA Studies department abides by university closings and announcements made by GWU. Didactic students should:

  1. Sign up for emergency notifications from the university via text and email – see WebbConnect for directions.
  2. Check the university website for information regarding postponement or cancellation information.
  3. Anticipate further communication from the didactic faculty team regarding the schedule adjustments and makeup schedules.

Malpractice Liability Insurance

Gardner-Webb University provides professional liability insurance (malpractice) for all PA students for didactic and experiential coursework. This insurance applies only while students are in the United States and are acting within their duties as PA students under the supervision of the faculty and other program-approved preceptors. Students must adhere to course enrollment deadlines to avoid loss of malpractice coverage.