Student Evaluation of Courses

ARC-PA 5th ed Standards C1.01, C1.02

In compliance with the SACSCOC and ARC-PA requirements, student assessments of courses and faculty are mandatory to maintain accreditation. The program values students’ feedback and modifies the program based on students, faculty, and staff input. All survey data is collected anonymously.

Surveys are released at the end of each PA Medicine module, program course, and scheduled learning activities. Students are expected to offer constructive feedback regarding areas of improvement as well as areas of strengths.

Compilation of the evaluation feedback is provided to the Director and Associate Director and reviewed by the respective program committee to determine strengths and areas that require improvement in faculty teaching, individual courses, and the overall curriculum. Constructive student feedback is essential.

Weapons Policy

Except when carried by law enforcement, weapons of any kind are inappropriate in any healthcare setting, including educational programs. Weapons are explicitly prohibited from being carried by students, faculty, and staff while on campus. This includes firearms, knives of any size, chemical sprays (e.g., MACE), or anything item identified as a weapon. Students are expected to abide by this policy at every clinical or volunteer site throughout their matriculation as a PA student. Anything overt or hidden that would be construed as making a reasonable individual uncomfortable or less than safe is explicitly prohibited.