Today’s work place is ever-changing and requires an emotionally intelligent, agile workforce to change with it – disciplined, self-aware people who think broadly, evaluate to innovate, and acquire new skills quickly.

In the great liberal arts tradition, Gardner-Webb prepares students for meaningful lives and careers as diverse as they are. This begins with aligning students’ academic and career paths with their unique strengths and passions.

Our rigorous course of study combined with hands-on degree fields and robust professional development programming including a required Professional Readiness Experience provides the richest liberal arts education possible to ensure that each student is ready for the “real world of work.”

Quick Facts

  • All traditional undergrads are required to complete at least one Professional Readiness Experience
  • Approximately 98% of traditional undergrads are employed full-time or continuing their education within one year of graduation
  • For more facts and information, visit Career Development